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if someone signs over their paternal rights to their child, do they still have to pay child support??
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if someone signs over their paternal rights to their child, do they still have to pay child support??

if my ex signs over his rights to our daughter will he still have to pay child support or just the back child support? By the way this is in IL, I know laws are different in every state. Also what if the child in question lives in a different state other than IL??

absolutely not. my ex tried that and i told him no!!!! he just wanted out of paying

No. If they sign away rights, then they sign away the child. I don't know about back child support, but it may be that if you ask them to sign away and they do(which I don't think they can do without you), you are also giving up wanting back support.

Well in Ks you do, this happen to my sister-in-law. Her ex bf sign over his rights and they made him pay child support until her new husband adopted him.

It depends on the agreement. Custody battles are not fun, at all. It depends on the situation. If you're signing over to the other parent or a family member that you are not on good terms with, more-than-likely they will ask for support. If the do, and you comply in court (or just a battle between lawyers, they can get it signed by a judge without a court appearance sometimes), then you must pay. But if someone else really wants the child, they will not ask for money. Good luck ^^

Jill O
Nope. Once he relinquishes rights, he has no responsibility in caring for the child, emotionally or financially.

Diamond in the Rough
They can be expected to pay support, here in Mich anyway.. Good Luck
Husbands children's mother opted out of her rights (didn't show for court)when we went down to the child support division they said yes he could collect, and gave him all paper work.

no, you and he relinquishes all rights and claims. back support may even be removed. Think about what you are doing, is this something your daughter would want when she is older, or is this something you want?

In the state of California, yes. It goes by the state the child is resideing in.
Wait a minute, you mean like wash your hands of that child? I believe just back pay, but I am not sure. Go on line and check out the web site for child support. Good luck.

No if he signs over rights, he's also resigning from any support

In Michigan if the parent gives up rights, you get nothing (meaning no child support & no back pay either) and that partent gets no visitation rights either.


probably not, it acts as an adoption

I don't know about IL but to my knowledge, when they give up their rights they don't have to pay anymore. Maybe they still have to pay backed up tho.


This is done through the court with input from both parties. Generally this occurs with the intent by the costodial parent to remove the other parent from contact. The noncustodial partent usually does this to remove both the unpaid liabilities as well as future liabilities.

Even so, this will vary from State to State and the judge will often have final determination on what will occur.

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