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if you have bipolar disorder can you own a gun?
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if you have bipolar disorder can you own a gun?

i am 19. i live in Florida

There may be a difference between someone who has a gun and someone who wants to buy a gun after being diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. This would likely be a state by state basis. You might tryto search onthe internet. You could also probably call a gun shop or a pawn shop and ask adn tell them that it is under control with medication and see waht they say and ask them for the statute as they are likely to know that. They would be required to abide by all gun laws. There are docuemnts that must be completed in purchaising guns. Florida and Texas are much more open to guns than most other states so I would expect them to be the most liberal (meaning conservative or NRA view)

Mr. Jingles

Uncle Pennybags
If you were prohibited from owning due to mental illness, you'd know it. I have a relative that was suicidal for a time. Upon checking out of the secured hospital, she was formerly notified her right to purchase a firearm would be suspended, and given a form to sign that she had been informed, and information on how to appeal that.

Eagle1 Fox2
No, you cannot. However, with the way that our privacy laws prevent mental health records reaching the FBI where they need to be in order to prevent "consumers" (crazy people) from buying a gun, there is often nothing to prevent them from doing so. The law against mentally ill people purchasing handguns would have prevented both the VA Tech and Arizona shootings had those states been allowed to share their mental health records with those who need to know. Instead, people want those with mental illness to be able to blend in with the rest of us and are surprised when they are allowed easy access to firearms that they shouldn't otherwise be getting. Sometimes the privacy rights of the individual do not outweigh the need for public safety.

Not if you have been medically certified as having mental and physiological problems

vongola guardian
im going to say no

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