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ive had 2 court fines for no tv licence ive just got another summons could i be sent to Prison?
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ive had 2 court fines for no tv licence ive just got another summons could i be sent to Prison?

im a single mum on benifits i've had 2 fines for no tv licence and have just got a 3rd caution what will happen in court could i be sent to prison

TV Licensing Support
Hi there, Spotted your post and thought we could help. As "isitme" says, the offence of TV Licence evasion does not carry a custodial sentence, however you should be aware that this may happen if you subsequently fail to pay a court fine. Of course, TV Licensing don't want to see people fall fowl of the law. If you are struggling to pay your TV Licence, then do call 0300 790 6078 where you will be able to discuss spreading the cost of payment. For example, with a 'TV Licensing payment card', you can pay weekly or fortnightly from £5.60 per week at any 'PayPoint' outlet, found in places like your local shop or supermarket. You can apply for a payment card by calling 0300 555 0286. For more information about PayPoint and the TV Licensing payment card, please visit: http://bit.ly/tvlpaypoint. Hope this helps. Please feel free to get in touch at support@tvlicensing.info if you would like further help. All the best, TV Licensing Support support@tvlicensing.info

You can go to prison for non-payment of fines. If you can't get a licence don't have a telly. Harsh but true, it's not a necessity.

John T
Here's a thought - pay for a licence - it is cheaper in the long run than accumulating fines. Alternatively, if you cannot afford the legal requirement - DON'T have a TV.

Why do you keep letting them in to see your TV? They have no right of entry. If the court orders you to pay, and you don't, you can go to prison, for contempt of court. not for not paying the fee.

Nobody goes to prison for this offence. It is prosecuted by the Department concerned and the nightmare for someone in your position is how to pay existing times and at the same time to be able to afford a current tv licence. The only answer -- and it is a hard one -- is to get rid of your television set. Normally the court will allow you to pay so much a week towards your existing fines (presuming that these still remain unpaid) and it is only if you are seen to be in wilful default, i.e. not making any effort to pay them off, that the court will summons you to attend the means court, where the possibility of a term of imprisonment will certainly be present in the minds of the magistrates. However, someone who clearly is making an effort will not be sent to prison and this is where you must do some hard thinking about how you can deal with this situation. There is a system organised by the TV Licensing Department for saving up for a TV licence, but that doesn't really help when you need one here and now, having been found without one for the third time. Is this TV really worth it?

No, the offence cannot carry a custodial sentence. The maximum permitted sentence is a £1000 fine. You can however receive a prison sentence for not paying a court imposed fine.

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