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medical research on animals should be banned....your opinion?
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medical research on animals should be banned....your opinion?

I am in favor of medical research on animals. I am well aware that many of our medical advances are based on medical research on animals, and there is no substitute for that. I am really not much in favor of experimenting on humans [prisoners].

Nick R
well, we could go back to the days of the Nazi regime under Hitler and do medical research testing on humans. would that satisfy you?

Unfortunetly the world isn't perfect. Medication saves lives of human beings. The reality is drugs and medication must be tested before use. Would you test these things on human beings and risk killing a human? I'd rather an animal die, its not perfect and its not nice but the world isn't perfect.

I know its sad to think about animals being used to perform medical experiments on. However, much progress has been made in treating humans due to research being performed on animals. I think that it should be highly regulated to ensure that the research is warranted and is done appropriately, but it should not be banned.

Yes I can't believe it's still going on in the year 2009

Considering that we now have other means of proper research by computer analogs and such..So the animals of this world should be released of their prisons and torture...Its bad science, and it should of been abandoned decades ago. Perhaps that is why we havent found cures for Diabeties, Cancer, AIDS, etc, because animal bodies and immune systems are just not the same as humans

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