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should people who smoke weed be sent to jail?
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should people who smoke weed be sent to jail?

with murderers and rapists?

The_Cricket: Thinking Pink!
No. Those laws should be relaxed a little. I'm all for sending those people to treatment, but not sending them to jail. Perhaps if the money allocated to the "War on Drugs" was instead used to put drug users in treatment, it would be better.
However, I'm all for hitting drug DEALERS hard. Especially those who deal hard narcotics, like crack, crank, heroin, and coke.

They shouldn't be sent to jail at all America needs to catch up with the rest of the world and update laws that are almost one hundred years old and based solely on racism to begin with. I get high every day and I've been to court for it numerous times and I'll probably face jail time if I get caught again but you won't catch me in court ***** this country you can find me in Tijuana if I get another charge. I was just happened to be born on American soil I didn't agree to these laws and I refuse to abide by *** backwards laws.

No but there should be a fine and maybe some community service. Laws should not be overlooked no matter how small the offense. Should they change the law? Maybe. I don't smoke weed so I am no expert on the matter.

To build enough jailspace would cost more than the war in IRAQ

No way! I know this is an old arguement, but it really blows me away that alcohol is perfectly legal, and yet (in my opinion) way more dangerous than weed. If you really think about that, it just seems obvious that there are hidden agendas for keeping pot illegal. For many people who hear that, they go "duh! of course!" but many folks will disagree with me, and I will never understand those people.

no but if the brain dead fools keep smokin d weed they will be,
(rapists & murderers)
until the Judges, Jurers, Lawyers, Politicians, Police, Parents.
all get off or are tested for drugs why punnish the fools who get caught.

I feel that as a country we are expected to follow a set of rules (laws) established by the majority that benefits the majority. If smoking weed is deemed bad and it is put into law to be illegal, then for the sake of all we should follow that law.
However, if you are in your own private setting and you affect no one but yourself, I feel God gave you your life to live for yourself... so you should be able to do as you please.... AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT AFFECT OTHERS INCLUDING CHILDREN!
So, jail... yes to public and no to private.

Yes... Because smoking is not only bad for the health but for the nature... Because it cause Air Pollution!

smoking weed is not against the law. possessing weed is

Yes for a short time. Not with murderers and rapists. To a separate jail. This will create fear in others and will prevent them from doing the same. There will be no repeaters. After all it is for the good of human beings.

NO. who is the gvm't to tell someone they can't ingest a certain substance because its bad for you. Weed is no worse than alcohol. So some bloodsuccing politician in history says Alcohol is in; Weed is out. So now a plant that is no worse than alcohol is off limits. what kind of sh*t is that.
Democrats Succ
Republicans Succ
Bush Succs

No, pot should be decriminalized. It should even be legalized and sold in the same way alcohol is and taxed.

Loganathan R
Have u ever been to jail. For making such statements u should be put atleast 15 days in a third world country jail.

I would like to see a separate facility for the more minor offenses because I don't like the idea of sending someone to jail to spend time with rapists and murderers for simply smoking weed. It is a small time offense and in jail they can learn from their peers making them more liable for a more serious charge later in life... Like a school of crime.

Of course not! If their only crime is possession of marijuana then they should be mandated to attend rehab and to perform enough community service to more than pay their debt (law and order expenses) to society.

Possession with the intent to sell? Fry 'em!

Twisted Maggie
Nope! They should be required to go to an inpatient rehab for 3 months.

No. unless something illegal otherwise is done under the influence, which most people I know who smoke on a regular basis usually do not have the ambition to do much but eat while high.

they know its not legal and yet they do it, so they are not going to follow any rules in life. may as well be there, they would end up there in time.

Frankly, it's this sort of question that makes me want to skin up!

Billy T
man. you must have got hold of some of the same stuff i did awhile back. I about worried myself to death. No you should'nt go to jail for smoking pot unless you light up in public


Yes and no. There is a law against weed. There needs to be consequences for breaking the law, or we need to get rid of the law. So yes they should be sent to jail if that is what the law says. But a better law would find a way to deal with the issue without crowding our jails.

absolutely not!

No way. Maybe those that drink alcohol should be sent away but not stoners.

What a waste of jail space and government money.
They should legalize marijuana to all over 18.
Sell it legally to consumers and tax the heck out of it!!!
And then, encourage everyone to SMOKE RESPONSIBLY.

It depends on the amount. It is still illegal so they should obey the law. If it changes then that is another story. Most don't go to jail anyway.

no, they should be given a bag of fritos and a slap on the wrist.

no; it's a waste of tax money; unless you're caught under the influence driving a car or something... NO

Like, no way, Scoob!

you are silly

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