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texas father. Can back child support be dropped by the mother.?
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texas father. Can back child support be dropped by the mother.?

She wishes not to get back child support. Who would you have to talk to about this. We dont know.

Connie A
Yes she can drop the back support you will just need to go down to the child support enforcement office and have her sign a paper stating she does not want the back .

Faye Prudence
Ric9757 is correct. As long as there was no supplemental income via the courts through a court order, or dispersment of welfare, she can drop the child support but I would get it in writing and also a statement of what you have paid to date. This will protect in the future if she decides to turn tail on you.

Simian Menace
Once it is "Determined to be owed" by the courts, they do not usually just let it drop they want to see the money change hands. It almost takes an "Act of God" to get arrears dropped or changed because they see it as "Cheating the kids out of the money". Good Luck

Dr. G
NO... child support can only be changed by a judge in court. You can get around this. Pay child support and if she does not want it she can cash the check and give the money to you.

Child support is owed to the state, they have already given the mother the support money..

not likely. You'd need to get an attorney. Actually, I just asked my wife your question and she says it is possible so long as the mother never collected any welfare or public assistance that is owed to the state. If she did, you need to pay your child support, it is not fair that the rest of us shaould have to pay it for you. Especially since I pay $1,000 per month to my ex for my two daughters.

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