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what is e legal age for brothers and sisters to sleep in the same bedroom?
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what is e legal age for brothers and sisters to sleep in the same bedroom?

There is no legal age nor can there be for practical reasons ie.I have seen familes of 14 children living in a two bedroom house.There may be legistlation requiring that people be given prefrence with council housing but nothing in the criminal law.

christina d
the legal age is 10 years old

There is no age limit, but normally, if after the age of 3 brothers and sisters are sleeping together and not just cause one is scared but in bed together on a regular basis, that's nasty and wrong.

There is no actual legal age limit for brothers and sisters to share a bedroom, but for the purposes of overcrowding, the age is 10 (Housing act 1985 s.325; 326).

why man
any age, like my brother + sister cos if u get up to summat that's incest anyway.

There isn't a legal age for which brothers and sisters can no longer sleep in the same bedroom!!

I've heard its 7 years old for purposes of HUD and things like that. If you want to be sure, you could call them.

I dont think theres a legal age but when they hit their teens they're gonna want some privacy - if you cant move one into a spare room you could put a curtain down the middle to seperate it.

There is no legal age. It all depends on the space in your parent's house. I had to share until my late teens with my sister and brother.

in Islam must be separated each sleeps in a different bedroom not a certain age but as soon as you can afford it may be as well you never can afford that but watch some families who has 4 boys and 1 girl this one girl is in one room and those 4 are in one room

Marcus H
I know i wouldnt want to share the same room with my sister......................

if only sleeping is going on, I think ther is no limit. If there is other "things" happening The answer is get them out of the same room now!

john r
there isn't one; is this a joke?

It is 9 Years of age.

Fantom Doughnut Eater
There is not legal age against them sharing a bedroom... Or even a bed (although this should not really happen after the ages of 6 or 7)

Andromeda Newton
I don't think there is one. If your parents can't afford to get a bigger house to house you in separate rooms, tough!

What country do you live in? In my country we force the women to sleep in the stables to keep the horses warm. j/k There is no age limitation. However, if any hokey pokey is going on, that's sick, immoral, and illegal (depending on the age).

didn't know there was one....what are you trying to do???

i think its 12/13 when they are supposed to have seperate rooms

did not know there was 1 to be honest.

i would say no older than 2 or 3...not sure if there is a law but anything older just seems wrong to me

i didnt know there was a legal age :O

dunno..is there any?

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