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what is the difference between hemp and marijuana?
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what is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

iwas woundering becaus me and some friends got in a fight about it and she thinks that they are the same thing

They come from the same plant, but hemp is legal. Marijuana is illegal.

There many diferances between what people call hemp and what they call marijauna. Hemp was grown in George Washinngtons days to make fiber and fuel for the war efort and it does not contain hardly any THC, it will only make your eyes water if that!!!!11The stufff they call weed and is illegal has a much higher THC content. Its just like to put simply they are in the same family but by no means the same.

Marijuana is the leaf, and that's what people smoke to get high, or for medicinal purpose. You can't smoke hemp, it'll get you nowhere.

you smoke the BUDS, from the female to get high
Hemp is usually a male, meaning it doesnt have THC
or some other kind of Cannabis (not sativa) that is sterile

Hemp is used to make rope, some clothes and materials. ANd even in some cereals (don't ask how...but it is). It's the stem of the plant.

Marijuana is the leaf, and that's what people smoke to get high, or for medicinal purpose. You can't smoke hemp, it'll get you nowhere.

The THC (Tetrahydrochloride) content. This is the compound in bud/leaf which gets you high. Most hemp plants do not bud in the same way as marajuana plants.

No difference. Both illegal. Same sentence for either.

For the most part hemp come the male cannabis plant and marijuna is the female plant. The Female hemp plant has "buds" which are what you smoke to get high or stoned, and the male/hemp plant doesn't.
The THC in the female plants' buds is what gets you high and the hemp plant has no THC and will not get you high or stoned

The HEMP(male cannabis plant) plant does have leaves btw just no buds

No leaves or buds.

hemp excludes the leaf and bud

i think one gets you high and the other one gets you stone but both of them would make you stupid ...lol jk

[deadahead]. in my opion has answered your question . in my open opion ?

Knowledge Seeker
A Yahoo Search turns up some really useful information:
what is the difference between hemp and marijuana

The North American Industrial Hemp Council has the following
paper: Hemp and Marijuana -- Myths and Realities
This paper discusses how industrial hemp is low in the cannabinoid THC and how marijuana contains significantly higher levels of THC.

There seems to be some disagreement as to whether the varieties or strains of Cannabis are different species or subspecies because they can be interbred. These include Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis, and Cannabis Indica.

From what I can piece together, hemp and marijuana are the same species (Cannabis Sativa) but they are different varieties within the same species (kind of like the difference between a wolf and a dachshund) with different properties. One variety produces THC in abundance (marijuana) and the other does not (hemp).

In other words hemp and marijuana are the same thing (Cannabis) like dachshunds and labrador retrievers are both dogs that can interbreed, however they are distinct varieties or races like dachshunds and labrador retrievers.

I could be wrong. Just what I could figure out from the literature.

I believe you are asking the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. Let's see if I can give you the best answer.

Marijuana is cannabis plant with a high amount of the drug THC. THC is a pain reliever that makes you feel high. It was first banned in 1937 and given its pet name marijuana by government officials. Doctors refused to recognize the ban until the government threatened to arrest doctors a year or so later. Any possession of this plant is illegal in the US.

Industrial Hemp is a cannabis plant that has so little THC that you can only use it for industrial uses. Usually less than .3% THC in most countries.

An acre of Industrial Hemp can replace 3 or 4 acres of wood used for paper and the process is less expensive. It grows faster than most other plants, and crowds out plants so effectively that it doesn't require herbicide. Hemp is very inexpensive to grow compared to many other crops. Just talking about seed, some types of hemp grow as much hemp seed as corn. When talking about stalks and seed, hemp grows 10 tons compared to the 5 to 7 tons of corn at their best.

It is frequently used for cloth, food, rope, alternative oil source and has 400 million in sales per year in the US(12 million in food product last year).

This plant is legal to possess, eat, wear, just not grow. Viable seed and growing plants are illegal. Courts cases have recognized all other uses are legal by our laws in the US. The DEA has managed to keep growing Industrial Hemp illegal due to how much it looks like marijuana claiming that it would make drug enforcement impossible. A claim that no other law enforcement in the world has made.

Canada requires that you have a license, detailed maps, and field inspections, but is otherwise legal for any purpose. There are thousands of acres of hemp grown in Canada currently.

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