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why do judges sentence people to like 150 years?
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why do judges sentence people to like 150 years?

do they think they are gonna live that long or something....why cant they just make the judement....sentenced for LIFE NO chance of parole or anything like that...i dunno....something to wonder about i guess.....maybe im just bored today....lol

The judges want to be safe. If the defendant is sentenced to 150 years (for example, maybe 25 years for each of 6 felonies), the defendant can appeal those sentences. But even if he wins big on appeal, and gets, say, three of those sentences overturned, he is still facing 75 years.

Julius S
Because it's funny as hell, and to see the look on their faces!

Maybe they figure that God will carry out the sentence on the other side! Or maybe they think that with all of the medical and sci/tech advances, people are really going to live that long--and sentence them in case they do.

allie b
It is to show how severe the crime was, whether it be for the cruelty of it or the violence involved. In other words, to prove a point.

They just add up the sentencing years. One reason is they don't take human living years into consideration, so if a criminal commits 7 felonies and are convicted they will just add years of each conviction. Now, another reason, it also gives justice to a particular victim or their family. If a murderer kills two people they will get two life sentences to provide justice for both families. It is basically good for the books like accounting.

Because they commit multiple crimes that do not qualify for life in prison but which the total number of years adds up to 150. IE I commit agg robbery, kidnapping, felonious assault on 4 people, the crimes individually are not allowed to be punished by life w/o parole, but all together they add up to like 80-100 years.

Certain crimes have specific lengths of sentences, so they are added up. The judge just can't legally say LIFE W/O PAROLE for most crimes. So, adding up the years for each charge is a legal way of saying 'Buh-bye' to a serious criminal.

A life sentence does not really usually mean life. Anywho, i believe they have guidelines of what kind of sentences they can hand down for certain offenses - so if someone commits a crime that can only carry a maximum of lets say 25 years, but they commit the crime against 6 people, then the judge can assign the sentence for each of the crimes totalling 150 years? I think thats how it works

So that even if there sentences are reduced while in prision for things such as good behavior, they still don't have a chance of getting out. Plus when you make a sentence that long, parole options don't pop up until their dead as well.

Judgemental Judy
Because they can, and it helps with their statistics.

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