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Can Managers make stay later to work after shift is over?
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Can Managers make stay later to work after shift is over?

I live in Alabama and I was scheduled to work 7pm-11pm and stay over an extra hour to get done but I decided to leave and manager said i could not leave because we were not finish yet.

Is there any law that states whatever time you scheduled to leave you are suppose to leave?

David Z
yes they can.

most places are like that. you stay until work is finished.

If you deiced to leave......that means you quit.......do what you said you would do......stay over an extra hour or move on......easy.....

Nope. Unfortunately it's referred to as mandatory overtime and if they tell you to work it, you must or face the consequences; which may be anything from a verbal warning up to, and including, termination. If you have a conflict with your schedule and you needed to be somewhere then it would have been appropriate to say something to your manager and request permission to leave, but walking out on mandatory overtime is a terminable offence at my company.

Now, assuming you're paid an hourly wage, any time in excess of 40 hours per week must be paid at a rate no less than time-and-a-half. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but as long as you're of a legal age and you are being compensated fairly, they can make you work nearly whenever they want. Alabama does not have state specific laws and any helpful information would be found at the Department of Labor's official website.

If you are an hourly employee then they need to pay you for hours worked. As for can they make you, the short easy answer is no. No one can make you do anything. Now if you want to know if they can fire you then the answer is yes.

Alabama is an at will state so the employer can fire you for anything short of discrimination. On the other hand you can leave for any reason.

Sorry but you are out of luck here. The manager can request you to stay and can bring disciplinary measures against you if you do not.

There is not a law that deals with whether an employee can leave when their scheduled shift is over or that says they must stay under the manager says they can leave, unless you count the law of common sense.

Most hourly employees are "at will" which means the employer can terminate them for any reason, and they can quit for any reason. Since it isn't in anyones best interest for people to be randomly fired or quitting, most employers and employees have an unspoken expectation that people will work their scheduled shift and that's it. It sounds like that is not the case at your job. The mature way to handle this incident would be to work what the manager asked that night unless there was an emergency or other pressing reason why you couldn't, and then speak with the manager the next day. Leaving because you decided you felt like it isn't really a good reason - the manager was counting on you. You need to decide whether you can work off the schedule or not and then talk to your manager about it when you are both calm. And then stick with what you and the manager agree on - if you say you'll work, be there, without attitude.

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