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Got fired for making a mistake and my unemployment claim was denied.?
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Got fired for making a mistake and my unemployment claim was denied.?

I work in California if that matters, I was a bank teller and was fired because I made a mistake on a transaction and did it incorrectly which caused a "potential lose" and was fired. I was currently on termination warning because 7 months earlier I was out of balance. When I met with our HR manager who discharged me, we talked about the unemployment filing process and he told me my actions in his opinion are not misconduct and I should receive benefits and if EDD were to ask him if he considered my actions misconduct he would tell them no. On my denial paperwork it says they determined my actions were considered misconduct. I am extremely upset and confused as to how they would consider my actions misconduct. I made a honest mistake while trying to figure out how to complete one of our customers transactions, it was not intentional. I come to work everyday, work hard, am not lazy but had just made a mistake. What do you guys think? I am going to file an appeal today but am worried about having to wait even longer to get my benefits.

Tony RB
The HR manager was the one who discharged you, but it was your boss (or his boss, or his boss's boss) who fired you.

What the HR manager told you is not important. Unless he gave you a signed document, his words are just hot air.

If the unemployment agency spoke to your boss (or his boss, or his boss's boss), they would have told the agency you were fired, and why.

Here is the reason :
"The breach disregards the employer's interests and injures or tends to injure the employer's interests."

Let's shorten that sentence :
"The breach tends to injure the employer's interests."

The employer is not interested in correcting your mistakes.

My opinion : Only two mistakes in over 7 months ? That's hardly any mistakes at all.

Here's the real reason - somebody got embarassed, or has a short temper. That person made the decision to get rid of you. If that person liked you, or you were a relative of a very very important customer, you would still have your job. Naturally, that person will never own up to their mistakes.

It's not easy balancing a drawer after a long busy day.

Meanwhile, look for another job, because you probably won't get the unemployment compensation, unless you get the unemployment agency to speak to the HR manager, and get a statement just like the one he gave you.

Good luck in the future. A lot of banks are paranoid about mistakes because so many people are suing them. You simply cannot make mistakes that cannot be properly and easily corrected.

the tax lady
"An honest mistake" is still misconduct.

You weren't laid off because there wasn't any work available. You were fired because they didn't want you doing the work anymore.

Misconduct is NOT following company policy. Does not matter if it was intentional or accidental
Your actions resulted in being fired.
Unemployment states firing cannot be the result of any action on your part. Again no mention of intentional or accidental. You don't qualify

Are you sure that the denial was based on misconduct or was it related to not having enough hours to qualify? If it was based on misconduct, you definitely want to challenge it. There is a big difference between making a mistake and misconduct and you should prevail at the appeal.

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