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I am 14 years old and i want to work in GameStop, is there anyway i can get a permit to work there?
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I am 14 years old and i want to work in GameStop, is there anyway i can get a permit to work there?

I've heard that if you are under 16 and over 14 you can get a permit from the government so you can work there. is there anyway i can do this?

No you have to be at least 16 and have to have a license for identification.

You'd have to write in to ask for one or apply for when I'd assume. Chances are you're very young to work there, and your chances of getting hired are low. You might want to hit a fast food joint until you're a bit older.

Best of luck though brother. :D

My son is 16 and wanted to apply at GameStop too, but the manager says it's company policy to only hire 18 and over. Partly because there are "M" rated games there, and also because they need people late hours for when they have new games come out (the work past midnight on those nights). If they were to hire someone under 18 they would not be able to work them during those hours.

As for a work permit, not all states require one for minors. Ask your school counselor about it. If you have to have a work permit, they would likely know about it. Good luck!

where are you?

and even if you are in a state that requires a permit (only about half of them do) and you obtain one that does NOT mean GameStop will hire you. just because it is legal to hire you does NOT meant that anyone will. many employers as a matter of policy (not law) only hire those who are 16 or older and some won't hire anyone under 18........

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