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I just got hired at subway?
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I just got hired at subway?

I got a call earlier today and the woman said I'd be starting tomorrow but she never said anything about training, does that mean I wont be getting it?
And also what Kind of pants should I wear? Will I be getting my work schedule tomorrow as well? Help Would Be appreciated!

It's not rocket science, pretty sure you can learn while on the job. You'll have to ask her about the work schedule.

when you start tomorrow you will be first trained dont worry trust me...and you should call and ask what you should wear....but i dont think you'll be fired on the first day just because you didn't wear the right pants on training day...make sure you ask about uniforms.
the work schedule, they will tell you about it during work. when youre done for the day just ask .."what is my work schedule?"

When you first start is when they'll train you. They'll show you what to do, then probably have you actually do some of it.

If you didn't notice what the other employees were wearing, you could stop in today and see what THEY wear, then do the same.

If they have you scheduled for next week, they'll probably give you that schedule your first day.

Good luck.

I work at subway and when I got hired, the first three days I worked were "training days" where they would train you on most of the stuff and decide if you are right for the job. I don't know if they do that everywhere, but that is what they do at my store.
Also, my store can wear either black (black is more common) or tan pants and closed toe shoes(tennis shoes) and make sure your hair is up. They should give you a polo shirt, apron, and visor or hat.
Good luck! :)

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