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Im a cashier and my drawer was short by 60 dollars and my employer is demanding that i pay, is this legal?
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Im a cashier and my drawer was short by 60 dollars and my employer is demanding that i pay, is this legal?

Were you the only one using the drawer or were other people also using it? Was the drawer counted prior to you using it, so can confirm that the prior person was not short? If only you and drawer counted prior to using, you might be on the hook.

The fact that you were short $50 in a safe prior and now this $60 in the drawer shows that you are not paying attention or not counting out the change properly. My suggestion is to find another job that you do not handle money since at this point, you are working for almost nothing by having to pay back this to your employer. Also, the next time, you may find that they will fire you for being short. Most employers will allow 2 or 3 times and then that is it.

good luck

This is a difficult question to answer and I researched for the last hour. It appears per many state laws they are allowed to do this as long as your employer does not go below the minimum wage of your state. Here is PA law on the matter. Generally, you cannot legally take such deductions without the written consent of the employee:

Pennsylvania law does not specifically address whether an employer may deduct or
withhold wages from an employee's pay check to pay for:
- cash shortages
- breakage, damage, or loss of the employer's property
- purchase of required uniforms or clothing
- required tools
- other items necessary for employment

However, such deduction are probably not permissible. Pennsylvania Admin. Code 34: 9.1
details the deductions that are permissible under the law and it specifically requires that
any deduction be for the benefit of the employee. Deductions for cash shortages;
breakage, damage, or loss of the employer's property; purchase of required uniforms or
clothing; tools; etc., are not consider to be deductions for the benefit of the employee, but
instead, deductions for the benefit of the employer.

In short, it appears it is not legal. I found this information from an actual web site that lawyers respond to. To get all of the information go to the site below:


You're either CeNexus or you're against us
Yes it is.

Ashley Davis
Yes. Same if you're a waiter - someone skips out on the bill, you're responsible.

Yes. it is done almost everywhere especially if you key in your personal code when you start the cash.

where are you?
in MANY states this is NOT legal.........

in PA it is NOT legal and even if it was they probably could NOT make you pay it all at once because even if the deduction was legal(which in PA it is NOT) it can NOT take your wages below minimum wage for the hours worked the week of the deduction....
asking you to pay it back in cash and not as a payroll deduction is illegal because it is circumventing the law in PA and under FLSA.......

the employer can discipline you for the cash shortage but they can NOT make you pay it back and legally can NOT even ask you to.... their only recourse is to discipline you...

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