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Is it legal for my office manager to change my time card after I turn it in?
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Is it legal for my office manager to change my time card after I turn it in?

My office manager is changing the employee time cards after we turn them in without our knowledge. I noticed that my check was short a couple of times so i found my old cards and she had changed some of them without my knowledge. I have been with the company for 10 years and have never cheated on my time. I feel like putting in my notice, but my husband says to confront her and the owner. Is what she is doing Legal?

Not without your agreement.

It's illegal. By law you have to be paid for all time worked.

You can report her to your state's department of labor, wage and hour division.

Ariel 128
It sounds like it is an illegal action on her part unless she is converting the time units from one equivalent unit to another. My old job had a time clock which measured hours in hundredths of an hour and not in minutes because it made it easier to calculate the hourly wages. If she is doing something wrong, she should be reported to the next level in the company immediately.

educated guess
If she is the person who oversees and approves the time-sheets then, yes. What you do not say is what type of changes she is making. Example, my employee turns in a time sheet for 8 1/2 hours, but my payroll system has to be entered differently than 8:30. So I make the adjustments to correct them. I am not altering the payscale or short-changing anyone. If an employee punches a time-clock, this is usually the case of rounding up.....BUT, know what you are talking about before you confront anyone :)

No, sweetie she cannot do that. Because she can be fired for doing that, but the thing is you need to bring in proof that the office manager changed your hours and you must go to the owner and show him the paper and let him know what she did. If this is her first time doing this then she might get a verbal warning not to do it again, if for some reason it was more than once she might be fired depending upon if someone will be promoted to her position or they get someone to replace her.

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