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Is it legal to walk around naked in your house?
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Is it legal to walk around naked in your house?

If you walk around in your house naked and someone sees you can they call the cops or anything on you?



Well i wouldn't think so, but was the person in the house or outside of the house?
To be honest, i don't think so.

If people can see you from outside your residence you could be charged with public indecency or something like that.
Most likely the police if called would lecture you and warn you not to do it anymore. Spare yourself the embarrassment.

trurider t
In England the general answer is No. If you are in your house and not exposing yourself to Children say then the law can do nothing to you. Exposing yourself deliberately though to say Children would be a different matter.

it's your house, you can be naked in your own house. just like if you are undressing you are naked in your house. if someone sees and calls the cops they are stupid. the cops would either A, tell them they can't do anything about it and to just have a talk with you, or B come to the house and tell you you need to close your windows because others can see you.

Well, that one's a little tricky. Of course you can be naked in your own house. BUT, if you are somehow blatantly offending someone, then yes, the police can become involved. I happen to live in an apartment building in downtown Seattle. Recently, a new condo was put up right across the street. Well, there's an aging gay man here who loves to parade about naked in his apartment apparently (window blinds open). His apartment WAS directly in front of the new (rich people's) condos. Uhh, yeah, those people didn't want to see some oldish gay queen naked every day. I'm sure some of those families have children - they don't want their kid to see that. So anyways, there were complaints. He wasn't jailed or evicted - management just relocated him to an apartment that has a view of - a wall and the back alley. He can expose himself all he wants to back there - coz there is no one to see him.

Adrian Kimberly
First of all, NO, it's NOT illegal to walk around in your own house naked. (Wouldn't that be a strange law should it be so? How would one take a shower?!)

HOWEVER, it's not lawful to "flash" folks from your bay window or purposely expose yourself to passing strangers. Suitable curtains and shades and blinds should be used in windows exposed to the view of the parade passing by and so that it's clear to anyone questioning your motives that you tried to do the right things to avoid casual exposure.

Should someone STILL spot your naked tushie fleeting by a window, you are not guilty of anything other than poor decorating. If someone decides to PEER INTO YOUR WINDOWS, they have committed a crime.

There have been cases won by those who mow their lawn or do gardening in little to no clothing on their own property, but it depends on the community standards, the patience of your neighbors, and the humor (or lack thereof) of the individual judge.

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