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Is there a labor law that says tardiness is measured by a 7 minute leeway in the workplace?
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Is there a labor law that says tardiness is measured by a 7 minute leeway in the workplace?

I have heard of the '7 minutes' leway in the workplace, but my current employer (Big corporation) says it's not used in our company. Say I'm scheduled to start work at 9am and I arrive at 9:06 ... and this happens often ... can they fire me for being late? Is there a law that protects employees from being tardy by a few min? If so, where can I find it? There are 4 clocks in my office & all tell a different time.

No....depends on the company.....they can go tardy at the bell......machine running at starting time...........they not only can fire you but will fire you........jobs are hard to find.......someone would love to have yours..........

sorry late is late, there is no law

There is no such law. You are late. Why don't you show up on time. Maybe you should plan on being there early and then if something comes up you have some leeway time. Set you watch/clock to the one the boss uses.

Crazy cat lady >^ ^<
Really..come on late is late..9am your shift starts then 9am you should be on the job ready to work...If you were my employee and you were always late I would let you go.

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