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I work overnights at a Mcdonald's and i went into speak with my boss about the fact that the deadline to taking me off these shift was drawing to a close and i asked about who my replacement would be as was agreed when i took over back when the previous "overnighter" Called in and quit. I am a "daylighter" i worked from before the crack of dawn till noon and i loved it. when she quit i agreed to work till one week after the new year (January7th was the date) and then they had to find a replacement. So as I went into talk to my boss she threatened me that if i do not continue with these nights She will FIRE me. She had stated that when i had returned from another job and as an agreement to my rehiring that i agreed to working these postions. I had only agreed as an EMERGENCY ONLY situation. Now if i do not work this i will lose my job? IS THIS LEGAL????? This affecting my sleep, I am also forced to work from 4pm till 11pm other days of the week I was written up today because i overslept from being up all night. I have tried to be flexible, and i have tried looking up threating my postion in PA State labor laws and i cant find it. What if anything can i do? To clear up any confusion. I stopped working at the other job when they refused to give me my promised 35hrs a week as promised when hired instead gave me 12 so i returned to my previous employer because it was a BETTER work environment then the "surplus" store i had worked at. I was immediately given 40 hrs again at my old job as a day-lighter.

Sorry, but yes it's legal to schedule you however they want to, and to fire you if you refuse. They don't have to get your agreement.

Nicole D
It is called employment at will. Either you work the new hours or find a new job. And yes they can fire you.

a lot of people are experiencing situations like yours. Better ask your local officials about it. They are expert in this kind of problems. They can give you advice on what you gonna do.

There are work rules and labor laws which more or less control this kind of management/worker behavior. Problem is, you have no proof. It's your word against theirs. If you had a written agreement, even just a hand written note, stating the temporary shift change, then you'd have some proof. Or perhaps a witness who heard the conversation would also be proof. Without those elements, it's your word against theirs. And it that instance, you haven't a chance. Too bad.

Edward C
as long as holding down 2 jobs is not effecting your job that you are talking about then it is none of their business. she cannot fire you for working somewhere else unless having 2 jobs is effecting your work performance.

Talk to someone at your local employment office. They should be able to answer any legal questions you have about the situation.

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