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Here is the deal.
My job has recently cut my hours to 4-8 hours a week. I told my boss that I needed 20 hours a week to survive but they said my availability due to school is causing me to get less hours.

My friend just e-mailed me asking me if I quit.. I said no and he said that's the rumour going around work. I was scheduled to work 4 hours today but I wrote down my schedule wrong. I thought I only had to work Saturday.

I have worked there for 2 1/2 years. This is my first no call no show. I do not have a phone and I am planning on going into work tomorrow to see if I am fired. My company policy claims that the first no call no show you get written up and suspended for 5 days. The second time you are fired but it is up the HR Manager to fire me if they want. If they do end up firing me can I get unemployment?

What should I do? I mean I'm gonna look like a complete moron for not writing my schedule down right. What should I tell my manager??

Don't worry about it. It's easy to find a job, usually what I do is I don't put down the job on my resume; but in your case might be different since you've worked there for so long. What I'd do, is put it down on my resume and not tell future employers that I was fired. If they do ask, then just explain to them and be as mature about it as you can.

If this is your first time, you should get a free pass right? Tell them you're sorry, and that you wrote down your schedule wrong. They should understand, if nothing similar has happened before.

Delicious Miss
if you are fired you will not be eligible for unemployment until after six weeks but you still have to go there and start your claim the day you are fired on another note there is a such thing as partial unemployment but you have to work less than 30 hours which you do and you will be required to call in your benefits every two weeks which consists of telling them how many hours you worked and how much you made for the weeks in question and they issue a you a check usually they send you a sheet saying how much to expect so look into to and you can get it under one main rule and that is that you do not refuse any work which means you cant call out or do no call no show

Rainy Owl
Just tell your manager the truth. Everyone makes mistakes. You've been working there a long time...I doubt you will get fired. Just be honest. Good luck.

Get clarification from HR, but I don't think you can. Granted it was an honest mistake, but it was your own fault.

honesty is the best policy always.
im sure if you have been working there for two and a half years they will show you some respect and give you some slack when addressing the situation. (as long as you don't have any past issues with showing up for work or complaints about you)

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