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What is the statutory level of sick pay?
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What is the statutory level of sick pay?

go to www.hmrc.gov.uk should tell you there - as they are the guys whol say what to pay - i think its around 75 quid

In the U.S. an employer is not legally required to provide any time off that is paid. (Sick or vacation) There are some state leave policies (such as Paid Family Leave in California) that will provide partial pay to employees who qualify for it. And there are some states that provide disability pay for those who qualify.

SSP in the UK is currently £72.55 if you have paid the proper amounts of national insurance.

In the US, there is no statutory level of sick pay. Sick pay is determined by the policies of individual companies. There is mandated time off available through programs such as the Family Medical Leave Act. Some states also have their own paid or unpaid leave programs.

The Caretaker.
which country?

Rob B
There are no areas in the US, to my knowledge, that require sick pay. The House of Representatives has some legislation introduced but that is far from being passed. Even so, I doubt it would be signed. Most countries in Europe do require certain amounts of sick leave, but I don't know the levels.

Sick pay isn't mandated by law. Vacations aren't either some companies offer them others don't. Some lump them together and call them paid time off. I have had from zero to unlimited just take off when you are sick and you still get paid.

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