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s it against the law for a manager to clock an employee out in texas?
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s it against the law for a manager to clock an employee out in texas?

my manager clocked me out and gave me a specific time to leave.
breaking my schedule and costing me 20 minutes of work

It's legal. Employers set the schedule, not the employees.

The only thing he can't do legally is not pay you for time actually worked.

if he told you to leave at a specific time and clocked you out he can do it, actually he can do it when ever he wants as long as you are not working off the clock

Anthony A
Need a bit more information. Specifically, did your manager clock you out at one time, but tell you to leave at a later time? If so, then yes, that's illegal. Any and all time you work is time that you must be paid for - with the exception of salaried employees. Usually a company's time policy is spelled out, so check your employee handbook. If this is a recurring problem, you need to contact your HR dept. and your District Manager if needed.

if you are working you are to be on the clock you can not be made to work without being paid.

your manager has every right to send you home early or have you stay past your scheduled time(as long as the hours are paid and don't violate minor labor regulations). the only exception is in the case of a contract violation(which is uncommon). management has every right to control their labor cost and to insure they are staffed to accommodate the flow of business.

Texas is one of the states with the FEWEST laws or regulations relating to labor. Texas generally just follows Federal Laws.

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