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A question to men..who is more important to you? Your mother or your wife?
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A question to men..who is more important to you? Your mother or your wife?

If you say your wife....what happened to blood being thicker than water?

Rudi A
My wife and my mother are both important in my life but my wife comes first, and that's not to say I would not do what was needed if my mother needed help in any way, so blood has nothing to do with it.

It's a silly question. Your mother gave you life...that is her role. You don't even have to like her, it's obviously good if you do, but as long as she raised you well you have an obligation to her to be grateful. Your wife though is most important. There is no ranking #1 or #2. There is only your wife. If you husband is unsure about who is more important then you have a problem. Sorry. Thicker Than Water is a great surf fil by Hawaiian surfer and musician Jack Johnson. Tell your husband to stop being a momma's boy.

Barbie M
my husband chose me over his mom.

My WIFE, She is my blood now, I love her with all my heart, and family you had to grow up with.

I will be answering this question for my hubby. I am more important to my hubby. His mommy used to come 1st, which was OK. till I became pregnant and he never stood up for me when she made me cry. Due to her always wanting to be in control of her children's lifes. I had enough of it. So I stood up to her and my hubby because I did not like it. Now I come 1st and I am happy. Anyways Mommy is not giving my hubby kitty cat.

Big Red
My Dog....he is always there when I call and he is happy with dog bisects. no nagging, no playing around, no getting drunk,no hitting on best friend ,no running up charge card, no bad cooking ,no car accidents ......get the picture.

you know this is a very complicated question because it depends on the the man charisma and the way his mother raised him and the way his wife treat him. but generally the man loves both of them but in different ways and this doesn't mean that he loves some one better than the other one.

I asked my BF (living together), here is his answer: GF. When you have a mom who listens to everyone else, other than her son, who takes the side of the ex wife and doesn't believe anything her own son tells her. Then there is no 'blood'. On the other hand, my GF knows the truth and has faith in me.

I go by what the Bible says... and once a husband and wife marry they become ONE.. its hard to become one with mom in the middle..

When you marry, your spouse becomes your family and he/she is #1....your parents no longer top that list. If you think otherwise, your marriage will be in trouble from the start. Real men take care of their WIVES before their mothers. A mama's boy is not attractive.

my wife i married her she is part of my interfamily. my mother will come second to her. i respect her and will be there for her. my wife will come first. she is the mother of my children and we support each other. marriage is a bond together for ever.

19 and lovin' it
I am a woman but to turn this around my husband would be more important than my dad. When you get married you take that vow.

Is this a trick? Family is important... mom's, dad's, siblings.... but you take a vow before God to forsake all others when you get married. You join with your wife and she becomes your family. Now... that being said... it doesn't diminish your love for your mom... or dad... or siblings. But to me, a real man loves his wife above all others.

That's a hard question, cause I'm both a mother of a son and I have a bf (which I know he loves his mom) I would like to think I'm # 1 with both my guys, so ????

mom yes no contest

prettyinpink i
i better be more than the moma... but of course he has to love his mama too... but hun, at the end of the day he sleeps next to me so...i take charge!

Didn't the marriage vows say, "forsake all others"? What happen to that? They could both be equally important but the wife can and usually does get written off if her attitude goes bad. Mom is forever, regardless. They're both TOTALLY different kinds of love, as you know. So this question is bogus anyway. What are you trying to prove by asking it?

both.....each in their own different way.

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