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Any ideas on how to find out who is my mothers lawyer???
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Any ideas on how to find out who is my mothers lawyer???

My mother died on april 20th , and there has not been a funeral, and the new hubby refuses to tell me anything about what happened to my mother. He will not return calls or letters. My brother did contact the guy and asked him politly who my mothers Lawyer is , well the guy changed his phone number. There is very old property involed that belongs to my brother and I. But have heard through the grape-vine he is giving it to his kids. HOW do I find out who her lawyer is/was??

hire a lawyer

In the Uk all Last Wills become public & can be found in one of the government department library's cant remember its name but an advise beureau will be able to assist or even your local library, dont know if its the same in other countries

went through something similar to this, you can hire your own lawyer...or ask around to some of your mother's friends, or people she would of talked to about who her lawyer might of been. If she had a will, and you can find out who her lawyer is, if you were mentioned in there, you have a right to the copy of that will. If she left the property in his kid's names, you can contest the will, and hold it up for a few years, and see about regaining some of the property.
A lawyer of your own, could find out who her lawyer was, if you can't find out on your own.

OMG I am so sorry! Why oh why has she been gone for 2 weeks and there has been no funeral?? That sounds just... insane...

I'd be banging on his front door, no matter how far I had to fly, walk, crawl... and not to find out who the lawyer is.. but to demand to know WHAT happened to your mother and WHY theres been no funeral! I would take the police with me.

can you say court is the only way to do that.

i think he haves something to hide go talk to police's add see if they can put some light on it for you just doesn't sound rigth something is not rigth with him

Get a lawyer for yourself and go to court over it. I'm sure you can get it subpoenaed out of him. It sounds suspicious and I would move quickly.

Wow, that is a bummer. I think your best bet is, instead of wasting time finding out who her lawyer was, get your own. Let them do the digging and that will also give you someone to advocate for you and your rights to that property. If you are questioning the cause of her death then, by all means, contact the police. Good luck.

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