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Are lie detector tests accurate while pregnant?
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Are lie detector tests accurate while pregnant?

My husband always accuses me of cheating I am 5 months pregnant and he had called the Maury show they are requesting i appear on the show and take a lie detector test so basically I have 2 questions 1) will it be harmful to the baby? 2) Doest the accuracy change No I have never cheated but I just don't know enough about the process and my doctor was leary about giving me approval

Missy M
Here's the thing... it'd be a cold day before my husband called the Maury show because I'd kick him in the nuts if that thought even crossed his mind. If he doesn't trust me to the point where a lie detector test was needed and I thought my marriage was worth putting myself through that (which I would because I love my hubby but he'd never ask for me to) I would pay the $200 and have one done locally and skip the national attention the maury show brings.

A lie detector test measures your heart rate. It's not harmful to you or the baby. What is harmful is being married to a man who is so insecure that he'd put his pregnant wife through this type of stress. Tell him to grow up and screw off.

no and no. get the dna test. it is a lot more accurate.

I wouldn't trust one on a good day and I wouldn't take one.

Jason O
Lie detectors aren't accurate at all period.

OMG, this is hilarious. How old are you? The answer is NO and NO. DID YOU CHEAT? Why so nervous?

troble # one?
no and no

I agree. Wait until the DNA test.

Collette L
They will not harm the baby and they work on pregnant women. If you are lying the test will know. Same with if you tell the truth. Just tell the truth, what are you afraid of?

Mrs. Heather Schabby Teddy Bear!
It will not harm the baby. All they do is hook you up to some sensors that test your pulse and other key things -- it is non-invasive and harmless. Being pregnant will not change the accuracy. In my opinion, I would want to know WHY my husband can't just trust me, and needs to call a television program to invite the entire nation into YOUR marital problems. Ridiculous. Just a question -- are you maybe HOPING being pregnant can change the accuracy because you did cheat and don't want to get caught? Not accusing, just curious. Good luck.

Dr Melgar
No No Is 99% and you should just wait until the baby is born to get a DNA test.

Tiffanie: Baby #2 due May 18!
No they aren't harmful and no, being pregnant will not affect the outcome of the test.

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