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Are you married to a selfish and inconsiderate person?
Find answers to your legal question.

Are you married to a selfish and inconsiderate person?

How do you do it?

I was but he is an ex-husband now (was also abusive). How did I do it - by not really dating long enough to find things out. He was sneaky about the abuse till after the marriage (it was verbal/emotional abuse - not physical).

Yes. To get around it.. I work a lot, drink a lot, and waste, err, I mean, offer friendly advice and useful on Y! answers! oh, and hang out behind Walmart at least 1 night a week.

yes i am and i ignore him and focus on me and kids...

No. I wouldn't go out on a second date with such a person. You can find out quickly. No sense in marrying such a jack wagon.

Forlorn Hope
no, i like to meet emotionally disturbed women who are married to selfish and inconsiderate men... :D

Only for a couple more weeks.

say it all...
Generally yes so as a result I am in the process of gearing up to divorce...I'm sick of trying to make it work and being the only flexible person in the relationship.

No, I took my time to get to know who i was marrying.

My wife thinks she is!

I used to be. I divorced him.

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