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Can I sue my husband for giving me herpes?
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Can I sue my husband for giving me herpes?


Well, you might have grounds for divorce, but if he didn't know he had it, then no. Herpes can lay dormant, and UNLESS you have proof that he KNEW (A DIAGNOSIS ON RECORD) he had it, and did not tell you he had it...then no you cannot sue him, nor should you want to sue him. He could have had it for years, and it just now surfaced. Hope this helps.

actually I think you can as long as he did not warn you about it first. I would call your area legal aid and ask them

In most states in America yes.

You can sue him for divorce, that's about it. Find out who gave it to him and sue them

Only if he cheated, or if you can prove he knew he had it before you two got together and didn't tell you. If he had it before you got together but didn't know he did and accidentally gave it to you then you can't sue him.

You can sue anyone for pretty much anything. Its a question of whether you could win. It would be REALLY hard for you to prove he gave it to you. He could also counter and say it was you that gave it to him. You have to prove your claim without a doubt to win.

Why do people always take the P**S on here when people ask questions? My advice is to speak to a medical solicitor

Well, said Alberto
Why did he give you herpes - did you ask for something different for your birthday ?

not while you are married. you can't sue your spouse.

You can't sue him, but you can sue the Perfect Hot Blond that gave it to him. Go after her for the crab infestation too.

If you also want to divroce him, then sure. Because that would destroy your marraige.

Well, did he himself know before .. ?

Depends which variety he gave you.

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