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Can a cheater ever be trusted again?
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Can a cheater ever be trusted again?

Eventually, maybe.

Need an answer
No, because one time makes the person who was cheated on forever have the thought in the back of their mind...it could happen again.

sharon B
people say that people change
i would say if you can not trust the person 100 per cent just forget being with that person
as a cheater could stop cheating in some cases
but the question really is can you 100 per cent trust the cheater not to do it again because don't forget what you do at night you can do during the day


Yes, they can, but they have to prove themselves. Once trust is lost it is so hard to gain back.

If they have been caught , are truly remorsefull, and will swallow their pride and do anything to make the relationship work again yes they could be trusted again . If no then no they cant .

married mama of 4
nope once a cheater always a cheater

yes if he or she never ever cheats again

Yes they can be trusted to cheat again. It depends whether they told you that they cheated or did you find out?

wut makes u think ur so special that they wouldn't cheat on u ? once a cheat, always a cheat

Hard to say.. Depends on the person.. depends on the situation on why they cheated before.

I think it takes a lot of time to be trusted again.

No, you will always have doubts about that person if you know that they are capable of cheating and has.

yes, but it takes time to regain trust and they will work hard to do that if they want the relationship back.... lots of people make bad choices and some learn from them.

Funny thing about cheating is that everyone has done it --- if you've lusted or dreamed of being with someone else (other than your mate) that's cheating too ---

once cheater always a cheater..trust me i know

Simple answer, no.

it all depends on how the person is. the only way to for sure find out is just leave the person alone and then if they wont leave you alone then they really want to be faithfull to you



Laffy Taffy 21
Yes cheaters can be trusted again by the right person. You know the saying once a cheater always a cheater, NOT TRUE!! I used to be a cheater until I got with my boyfriend. Now I don't even look at guys. I dint find any other men attractive or worth wasting my time on. So yes they can be trusted again.

of course not

Yes, usually they are cheating for a reason. If they were happy with their relationship, they wouldn't be sneaking around.

Yes, I think so. As long as you can talk about it & find out why it happened in the first place.

If you had a dollar for every time a Cheater said they'd Never cheat again you'd make Bill gates look Poor. Don't keep submitting yourself to being cheated on MOVE ON.

ever heard the saying, "once a cheater always a cheater?"

Not in my world.. I am tired of it... but yes someone can forgive a cheater.

Once a cheater ....always a cheater!!!

Yes, people do change

Man, everybody messes up sometimes. Take it from me, I cheated once before, and I've regretted it ever since. People change, it doesn't happen often, but it does. Odds are this person is something like me, because I'm never going to forget what I put my girlfriend through when I did that, if this person makes you truly think he/she's changed, then they should be given a second chance. Does this one thing really mean more than all those good memories you had together?

I really do not believe so, but you can take your chances and find out for yourself.

i dont tihnk so...the whole point of a relationship or marriage is communication...if they didnt talk to you at first and got away with it, why would they do it now?

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