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Can i remarry without a decree absolute if my ex husband has died?
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Can i remarry without a decree absolute if my ex husband has died?

I recently discovered that my ex husband has died. I am getting remarried this year and I was wondering if I still have to produce my necree absolute or if I would need a death certificate, or both, or nothing?

jackie m
I would have thought both but if you are divorced it is unlikely you will have the death certificate? Check with the place you are getting married in

copy of death certificate should be enough, but if you are concerned about it then why not just give the registrar a call, they will tell you exactly what papers you will need.

Yes you can. When you register your 'intent to marry' you will need to have the original death certificate of your ex husband. Good luck and hope it goes well x

I still think that you will have to show the decree absolute before you can remarry although they may take the death certificate into consideration. If there is no decree absolute by/when your husband died you may still be entitled to his estate (or the cost of his funeral) please for your own sake make sure where you stand legally. I hope this helps,all the best. Rab

If you were actually divorced they yes, you would need to show your absolute as you would be remarrying as a Divorcee and not a widow. If your divorce was not made final then you would need to show the death certificate to confirm that you are no longer married.

A copy of his death certificate will do. Best Wishes.

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