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Can you legally marry your step-sister or step-brother?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you legally marry your step-sister or step-brother?

How about your in-laws? I live in California if that helps. I mean, it's not like they're really blood relatives-- and I'm not actually considering it, I'm asking out of curiosity

Yes, but they are still blood relatives if they have your mom or dads blood in them.

Uncle Charlie
Go for it Uncle Charlie

yes you can marry them as long as you are not blood related is the answer.

lil laurz
Yes.Your not direct family.

BobJr's Final return
i believe so yes as long as they are not blood related, I think closest you can get is 5th cousin. Though be pretty ackward relationship and explaining it to people.

legally you can but its not cool

What's wrong with you...did you bump your head? Stop thinking like that.

Billy Butthead
Yes and yes.

bunion the cat
As long as you are not blood related.Yes.

WHY? Man Hillbillies

Asdasd Asdasd
ooo thats nasty


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