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Can you sue someone for emotional abuse?
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Can you sue someone for emotional abuse?

Anyone out there have any ideas. My marriage broke up and I want to get the guy that did this. Can I sue for emotional abuse or him breaking up my marriage? I live in Colorado so any ideas will be helpful

If you can find a lawyer to file a lawsuit you can sue for anything. Lawyers can be sanctioned for filing frivilous lawsuits, so good luck finding one.

Apparently you don't know what emotional abuse actually is, but this guy didn't abuse you emotionally by having an affair with your wife. You also need to learn to place blame where blame is due. The man who "broke up" your marriage never made any vows or promises to you. He never promised to love you, "forsaking all others." He didn't violate his marriage vows with you. Your wife did all of that. If she hadn't done it with him, she would've with someone else. Your wife was unfaithful, the guy just happened to be the one she was unfauthful with.

Sweet Suzy 777!
No, you can't sue him. You can only sue your wife with a divorce. She is the one you should be most upset with. She is the cheater. That guy couldn't have made it with her, without her wanting to.

If you could, the courts would be so full they would not have time for any other cases, like murder and such...

Shouldnt that have been part of the divorce case. Mental anguish and all that?

it's easier to point fingers at everything and it's hard to point thumbs. in time, you'll forget, forgive and be happy. move on.

yes..see a lawyer....

Colorado,No, legislation was enacted to abolish the right to bring an alienation of affection lawsuit. sorry, you'll just have to get your revenge by going and living a happy prosperous life

Still Here
You can sue for virtually anything. Proving it is another matter. Without evidence, you will lose.

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