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Do narcissist's end up wanting their exes back?
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Do narcissist's end up wanting their exes back?

My ex and i were together for a while. We loved each other alot and whenever i told him i would leave him he would always beg me to stay. I was his longest relationship. The reason why i told him i would leave him was because i would catch just chatting to his ex. Once when we were going out he was talking to his ex saying he was gonna leave me for her but he never did. Than one day i decided its completly over and he begged me again to stay. He begged for about 5 days and than stopped. Like completly just stopped. A couple of days later he tells me " hes has a new gf, hes inlove with her ( they had been together for less than 5 days) and thats hes completely over me). It broke my heart because i told her the day before i would take him back. His new gf and him look happy together. I would never go back to him even though i still have feeling for him.

We havnt talked since he told me this which was 4 weeks ago.

Im just wondering if
1. Does he still love me, or do you think he will realise he still loves me?
2. Do narcissist usually miss there ex when they are with other girls?
3. Whats are the chances for me talking to me again and begging me?
4. Do they usually end up wanting them back?

Honest opinions and even storys please :)

Narcissists don't love to being with hon. They would only "want" an ex back if it would benefit them somehow.

Nothing in your posts suggests that he's narcissistic.

You guys split because you're both immature and insecure.

If you wouldn't get back with him anyway, who cares what he's thinking or feeling?

Get this into your head:

Narcissists dont love ANYONE, they are not capable of love.

To the narcissist, you are simply something to reflect glory back at him in order to support his inflated view of himself

Tiger by the Tail
Narcissists do not care about others - only themselves.

If he was begging you to come back he was missing the attention- not you.

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