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Do the majority of divorced women go back to their maiden names, or keep their married names?
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Do the majority of divorced women go back to their maiden names, or keep their married names?

Specific stats would be great

Tina B
I would have to say That it would depend on rather or not there were children involved. if there are children involved then the woman would probably keep her married name if there were no children involved then she would probably go back to her maiden name.

If there are children from the marriage, they usually keep the married name.

Some of my friends opted to keep the same last name because they had children of the same last name. I know some and I am one of them that started using their maiden name again before the judge signed the paperwork!

I'm not sure, but my Mom kept her married name because she is in sales. If she changed her name it would have affected her business. My mother in law also kept her married name, but I don't know why.

Lynne M
I went back to my maiden name. It was a bad relationship and I didnt want to be reminded or associated with that name

There are several factors that determine what a women stays or changes. When you have children and get divorced the women typically keeps her ex's name until she remarries. Also if a woman is older she will typically keep her ex's last name also. However, if you are relatively young and haven't been married many years most women go back to their maiden name. There isnt a correct answer to this ??? however those I answered are what Ive seen most people do.

Jodie Z
My step mum, who is now divorced from my dad, has kept her married name. My dad doesnt seem too thrilled, but my sister and I do not care. I think that some people keep their married names after divorcing, particularly if they have young children - it seems strange to the kids for mum to have a different surname to them. (plus you have the drama of changing cards, banks, ID etc)

♥ Andrea ♥ TTC
What I have heard that is if you have a child it would be easier to keep the married name but if you don't have children I wouldn't see why you couldn't go back to your maiden name.

I went back to my maiden name after my divorce.

nadia g
It's a personal choice. I kept my married name.

I could not find any statistics on this. My experience has been that most women will keep their married name if they have children w/ the same name, otherwise a lot of women will revert to their maiden name.

John M
with kids they keep the name, without kids they go back.

they always keep there married nams only a few go back to their maiden names

keep their married names

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