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Do you think my husband would really kill me?
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Do you think my husband would really kill me?

He always mentions to me that if I ever leave him, then he would kill me. He tells this to my family and his friends and family and of course me. When we watch a domestic abuse show on TV and the husband kills the wife, he always reminds me as well.

I'm planning on leaving him so what do you think?

Listen to Diana P, she knows what she's talking about!

LaShaun R
Git yo azz a gun in case he tries to keep good on his promise.

I think your husband's a sick freak and you SHOULD leave him. Do it while he's away and get a restraining order on him.

You take him very seriously and get away from that nut.

Loretta M
I will say the same thing I told another lady this afternoon,get away as far as you possibly can,NZ FOR EXAMPLE

Take out an order of pretection first, then leave him. If he comes near you then they will stick him in jail.

Jordan M ش١٩٧٦
He'll kill you. He already said so. Be careful.

Do you really need someone else to answer this for you?! No sane (much less loving) husband would even joke about such a thing. Pack your bags and file a restraining order!

I think you should leave him, but you need to be very careful maybe you should leave when he's not there. Sounds like he's kind of obsessed.

a serious killer would never say that. All that he is saying is criminal under law; go to the police and leave under protection; he will be arrested for sure.

Julie C
See a lawyer. Leave, and stay at a place where he can't find you. He's threatening you, and I wouldn't take it kindly either. He sounds sick and needs help.

robert h
Time to go Kiddo! Just do it in a way he doesn't realize that it is happening. You might consider purchasing a gun. There is really something dangerously wrong with this guy!

4 Sisters 1 Account
I lost a friend to domestic violence last month.


Go where it's SAFE. Don't act rashly around him...you never know what he is capable of until sometimes...it's too late.

I think you are married to my x-husband. He is a psychopath. He will definitely harm you if given the chance. Get a restraining order and get as far away as possible.

Yes, I honestly do. When a woman leaves a man and he cared about her, he may think "if I can't have her, no one can." Hence your death. Good luck.

Ms Texas
Tell the police. You have been threatened and that is considered a terrorist act. Then get a restraining order and move out NOW! You have a good case especially since he has said this to others. Good luck and God bless.

Creepy. I think you need to get out. That's not even funny to talk that way. I would discuss this with your local women's shelter, they will be able to offer you shelter and advice. Don't give him any information about it.

I think if he knows when your leaving he might.. So the smart thing to do is leave during his working hours. when you get ready to go iof your still afrid have a police car waiting for you on stand by.

YES HE WOULD. Get out soon, but contact your local shelter for battered women first for advice on the safest way to do this. If you're not sure where that is contact your local United Way they can refer you. Men killing their wives happens be careful but GET OUT THIS WILL NOT GET BETTER!

Get the police involved now. You are being threatened, that in itself is against the law. Plus, your so-called husband is telling you these things because he thinks that is a good way to keep you too scared of him to leave him. Show him that you are not intimidated.

I think that when you leave you need to have a plan & know where you're going. On D day, call the police and when they arrive, tell them all you want to do is to leave safely.

The only thing you need to worry about before you finally leave him is whether or not he'll kill you before you ever get the chance to leave :(

We CAN'T know. Just the fact that you asked this question suggests uneasiness on your part. So, is this idle what-ifing, or are you truly worried? If you honestly fear this guy might actually kill you, then you have 3 options. Stay forever, and avoid the question. Leave, and get restraining orders, and trust law to deter a murderous vow. Or, consider seeking less orthodox solutions. Sometimes, there aren't GOOD solutions or answers. But, if I was truly worried about being murdered, I WOULD FIND AN ANSWER. Hopefully, it wouldn't require a specialist to neutralize my problem and threat. Only you know your situation. Good luck.

Honey, I do know about this. You need to go to an attorney and tell him what he says. The attorney will get an order to show cause. This will have him removed from the house and he will have to find a place to live. A couple of police will show up and serve him with the papers. They will also let him know they are aware of his threats. They might actually take him into custody (IDK your state). Your attorney will explain everything to you. They do not take these threats likely. This is really the safest way to do it. You do not want to take a chance. Good luck to you.

wow i think u need to talk with someone if your family hasnt done nothing about this i would worry i joke with my husband that the only way he could leave me is if he did killme but i know he wouldnt. and we do it in a joking way. when we watch shows like that he always says that he would never do that to any women and feels sorry for them. wow i dont know what to say i would get your self some help so when u do leave him u will know the right thing to do. u might even want to call the police and tell them if he has ever hit u or come close to it i would. talk with your family might be a good start. but i have never been in that spot. i will be praying for u that every thing gos right and u will know the right thing to do. hang in there.

Diana P
Leave him, file for a protective order based on a the real fear for you life that you have.... You are dieing slowly by being with someone you no longer want next to you... He will not kill you, belive me dogs that really bites dont bark....
He has told too many people as you have mentioned it would be obvious that alone would incriminate him... His way of manipulating you through fear is a common sign of an abuser it must be other bad behavior beyond this stupid theat... I am really sorry you are going though all this as I have been there myself and at the end found out I was just a prisioner of my own fears... it is not worth... trust God he will protect you against all evil... be strong, be faithful and go for your sanity and true happiness you deserve it and can go through even though it wont be easy... As radical as he threatens you to be you have not to say a word and a act in being with a extrict restraining order and the immediate report of any small violation from his side... Best of luck to you... remember the right of who lives and who dies still managed by a Higher Power, no religious BS, call as you wish as I call it God but having faith will help you deal with the end of all this prolonged sufferement.

If he is that serious about it, I would take him seriously. Occasionally, women are killed by their partner the very first time they do something he doesn't like (such as leave him). You should call your local battered women's shelter and get some help. You need to make a plan. You also need to make sure you have copies of all your documents that you need when you go (marriage license, bank statements, lease/mortgage, insurance papers, your own birth certificate, etc.).

You don't mention if you have children, but if you do, it is important to plan for their safety, too.

I think before leaving him, you should be cautious. If he has threatened to do it, he's obviously thought about it, and if you think about something long enough you will convince yourself to do it. Talk to the local authorities or your family before leaving, and watch your back. You could even get a restraining order against him if he becomes violent.
You can judge a man by his word.

Sincerly Me...

Anyways, contact authorties and maybe talking to a therapist could help, too. You might be thinking, "A therapist...? For what? I'm fine..." but you could be feeling anything and may need to get it out. And the therapist could get you help that you need before leaving him. Also get a restraining order against him and do NOT try to leave the house without doing anything about it. If he says it you never know what hes capiable of doing. Visit your local police station and tell them about this. They may not take as serious as they should, but they could do something about it so that way you could leave him and be safe.

Good luck!

I am a Reference Librarian, and it will take me a few minutes to find a good source of information for you.
Stepping outside of my job, as a woman, I say "Get the HELL out of that house now!" If he has told you, and others as witnesses, that he will kill you, then he probably will.
I suggest that you call the nearest Women's Abuse Shelter to you immediately. Since I don't have any idea where you are, I contacted a few Women's Shelters in Washington D.C.
1800-535-7255 if you have children with you
202-547-2600 if you do not have children with you
202-667-7001 ext 515 to speak with a counselor on Monday, since they are closed right now.
Good luck.

while he's out of the house, call a domestic violence hotline: 888-743-5754 or 1-800-799-7233, from a cell phone or some phone he doesn't also use (don't look up one of these phone numbers online - he sounds controlling so he might already be checking your internet history, what sites you've visited - behind your back).

Also call the police and get them involved ahead of time - tell them you were threatened, and what you've told us; also tell them about how bad he treats you in general and how he tries to control your life. Ask them ahead of time if there are any ways they can protect you after you move out or leave him and what you can do to protect yourself. They can set a restraining order so he can't come see you or anything - and they'll enforce it if he comes after you.

Make sure you call the hotline for advice & tell them your situation, too, before you leave him. The hotline counselors and the police are very experienced in these kinds of situations and know the best way to help you and the best advice to give you.

People like your husband really ARE dangerous and yes, it is known to happen that men like this have killed their wives. You are in danger and I really want you to be safe so that's why I'm urging you so strongly not to just leave but to make sure you get good advice from the hotline first and get a protective order from the police first as well.

I really wish you the best .

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