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Ex-Partner Revenge!!!!!!!!!?
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Ex-Partner Revenge!!!!!!!!!?

Can somebody give me a sugestion on how I can get back at a ex partner ive been ripped for quite alot of money just recently and want REVENGE all comments will be considered cheers

revenge will only cause you more grief, forget it try to get your money back in a constructive way (eg solicitors) - that is still 'revenge' but its not playing at his or her level, which is childish and unproductive

Truth Sets You Free
forgiveness..it works

Let your ex know that you will get your revenge and then some. Tell your ex you have a team of lawyers working on it for you and that the lawyers are going to make him or her pay ALL the legal fees. Then do absolutely nothing because revenge will not make you feel any better in the end. Not to mention the fact that the stress they will experience from the anticipation and the waiting for it to happen is usually much worse than anything else you can plan. The longer you make your ex wait, the more suffering your ex will experience.

It sometimes cost allot of money to learn something. Do not make the same mistake twice. You knew, going into this it was wrong from the beginning. if you did not know, then date for several years to get some experience. As for as trying to get revenge? That's wrong. You just learned the hard way. What were your motives for marring her in the first place? I'm willing to bet they were not pure and honest motives.

Just bear this in mind, what youve lost will not make you poor or will make your life miserable, and also what he has got will not make him rich either.Revenge is not ours.Its God.So trust Him and He will give you more abudantly. Live life in Gods meaning.God bless.

Katie M
1st, pursue every legal avenue to get your money back. 2nd, get happy and let him/her see you're doing better alone.Living a good happy life is the best revenge.

Do not take revenge.Forgive and forget and move on with life,if you think of revenge it will harm your body,mind and soul.God will send another partner soon and give you double what you lost.

If your "ex-partner" stole the money, call the police. If it was conned or tricked out of you, take the person to small claims court. But if you gave the person the money out of your own stupidity, learn a valuable lesson and move on with your life. PS - What does this have to do with Marriage & Divorce?

letting it go but pretend like u hav a master plan

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