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Getting back together with my ex husband... after 10 years of being divorced??
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Getting back together with my ex husband... after 10 years of being divorced??

My ex-husband and I have been divorced for more than 10 years, we have a daughter.... we have both changed and grown up alot since we were married and now we have been seeing each other for a few weeks... things seem so perfect. Can people actually change and work things out after 10 years of being divorced. Since we have divorced I remarried and have another daughter by my 2nd husband. I have been divorced for 7 years now from my 2nd husband. do you think things could be different this time around???

Barry S
Good on you guys.I think this is good because you both ar intouch with what is real now and have learned a few things about life. Take it easy and dont rush. Never bring up the past as you know how to tick each other off. be caring and Go4 it..

Sandra T
No! You have, again bowed down to him. You are a coward! I hope other women/girls who see this are more heroic/normal/ask for help/have guts!

My partner and i have been separated for nearly two years which is not as long as ten years. We have grown up so much since we have seen separated and realised how much we love each other and how much the other person means to us. The thing you need to be carefull of is that you are not going back for the kids we have a three year old son. My partner and i have only been back together for a few weeks and have been spending time together just me and him as well as as a family. Also the reason or reasons you divorced are they still there? If so can you work through them?? I beleave love is a very powerfull thing and can get through a lot if you are meant to be with someone. It will take time but it will be worth it. Make sure you dont keep bringing things up from the past and just move forward. The past is the past thats where it belongs. Good Luck :)

o yes and good luck to the both of you ...

Sure it could work! 10 years is a long time. Although you seem to move fast...remarried, kid, and divorced all within 3 years.

The Ex Factor
Statistics show that childhood sweethearts who reunite in adulthood have an almost non-existence divorce rate. So, this could be a good thing! Congratulations! The only concern is how he will treat your child from the marriage after him. Good luck! :-)

Absolutely! This makes perfect sense to me. I think your original decision to marry was based on something or things you saw in him, vice versa, and sometimes those very basic things about a person don't change throughout their life, sense of humor and desire to do right etc. what ends a marriage is a lot of times behaviors and an unwillingness to work together, and the inability to see all those gray areas we learn about as we mature. you can love all the same things about each other only now have the ability to make it work and to see each other clearly and accept your own flaws more easily.

Are you willing and strong enough to see him without sleeping with him for 3 months? That's my suggestion. Usually, it is worse if you get back together and you will be going Oh, sh** I can't believe I am going backward. My suggestion, run!

Go very slow don't jump into anything. A few times like your doing doesn't seem to hurt anything. Just don't rush anything. Usually most people can't fix things but you never know.

Absolutely people can change. Surely you are not the same person you were 10 years ago, and i doubt he is either. But be careful and take things slow. You already know what issues you had before, so you know what needed to change or what you guys need to work on. Don't let your emotions get away fromyou, be realistic but i hope things work out for you guys, especially since you have a kid together already.

Time changes everything.... If it is working now - and you both accept eachother's past - then it sounds like it could work out. I know two couples who went through this and they are old(er) and still together :) Good luck.

Frankitis Chilisepsis
That's sweet, I always appreciate a fighter who's tough to knock out.

My motto is never move backwards, always move foreward. The past is the past, move on.

Yes, but go slow. This often works well, where both parties have been apart for a long period and have grown up.

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