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Girls marry men like their fathers?
Find answers to your legal question.

Girls marry men like their fathers?

do you believe this to be true?
my mother did so, and i hope to God i do not marry someone like my dad ..

J'marie Jumao-as
Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But most of them are like their father or family.

My Dad's an amazing father and husband, so if I found someone like him that I loved, I wouldn't hesitate.

nooo ahahah maybe back in the day but in this day and age most kids and teens hate there parents and find things that drive them insane why would you merry something you hate or bothers you???

wuh huh?!?
I'm totally like my father in-law. We like a lot of the same things including star trek. So yeah my wife inadvertently married her father, lol.

JustBored :)
my ex husband wasn't anything like my father... my father is a good person and has always provided for our family so i wouldn't mind finding a guy like that.

Disco Stu, Swinger God
I am nothing like my wife's father. I think I'm better.

I hope my daughter marries someone like me. I'm a good father and husband.

Not true, How do u explain girls without fathers? Look at the big pic, ru safe, dad made u safe.

Nope I don't believe so my dad is the greatest and so is my hubby but that is as far as the resemblance goes.

I married a looser but am now with a great guy that is as loving and supportive as my dad was to mom. My dad was the greatest and I miss him so much.

I don't believe it's true.
Some people do marry people like their fathers, but it's probably a coincidence. I doubt they'd go looking for someone like their dad. I know I certainly wouldn't! ha

♪ ♫Jin_Jur♫ ♥
Yes I think it is very true. My Father and my Moms Father have very similar personalities. I would like to find a man like them to marry but I really don't think there are many like them left...sigh.

glitter freak
no, its not true, its just a saying. you marry who ever you want to marry. if you dislike your dad why would you marry someone you don't like?

I've mostly dated men like my father. But I would never marry one. My mom and stepmom were miserable. I'll stay single and have my own kids rather than be miserable.

My father was my hero, he was a hard worker, loving, caring, strong man. My first husband was nothing like him. My now husband is a lot like my father and I count by blessings daily.

§♥Bloody Candy Party~♫♥§
UHM I won't even date someone that acts like my dad cause my dad is an uptight... I don't think I can finish my sentance.
If I marry someone like my father my children will have a bad childhood like mine D: Then grow up to be like me. D=

.....Maybe. Think about it when you think of marriage and starting a family you think of your best example, your mother and father. So yeah its very possible I think but you choose your relationship so....

Drain Bamaged
If u refer to my family,
my dad is the complete opposite of
my gramps.

Oh Gawd,i do not wanna marry
sm1 like my dad.
We'd be like the matchmake from hell.

My current boyfriend is nothing like my dad, so I don't believe this to be true in my case, but chances are it's different for other people, so it may not be true for me, but right for others.

I hope this helps!

yea, i think it is because once you move out, you want to fill that man in your life, and since you grew up with how your father is, you want someone like him, but you don't realize it. my dad was a bad boy, and i like bad boys.


Well in some aspects yes. You look for the qualities that make you feel safe and loved..but my husband and my dad are total opposites except they are both faithful and love their wives and are very safe to be with. Both easy to talk to and very forgiving and loving.

Other than that...they are total opposites...but those values they have alike are AWESOME!

And to all those teens here that say you hate your parents and GAWD NO etc....

Right now as teens you don't like your parents. Well..that is normal. But as you grow up you find out why your parents are UPTIGHT A$$HOLES and you will find they make perfect sense in an ADULT world and not in one that you are trying to MAKE SENSE Of how to BE AN ADULT!

We all make mistakes...parents are the same way. We are not perfect....but we are the parents and ususally...MOST of the time we try to do what is right. We might not make the right choice all the time and it backfires...but we are there trying! just remember as teens you are trying to be the opposite of us....that is your job. It is our job to tell you....WE have the life experience and in MOST cases we know what is good for you more than YOU do. Just remember..you never stop growing so you are having parents going through growing up as you are too..sometimes we are just as afraid as you. We just have to work it out....

Just give it time before you judge your parents. When you are parents then you can decide who was right or wrong. If they were so bad....why do you go to them for money and help when you need it? They have the life experience...give them respect and stop saying you won't be like them. YOU WILL have some of them in you.....

I am a lot like my mom...but I am also my own person. You learn what you live with...and you can't change that overnight. YOU DO act like them....that is why good role models are important.

I have to laugh because I told my husband if he EVER go to be like HIS dad I would divorce him. But his dad has his and my dad's work ethic and safeness and protectiveness...but since my husband retired..he too is a lot like his dad and I have decided that he is worth keeping dispite his hard hardheadedness and strange ways of doing things. I have learned to deal with it and ignore it because I am not perfect too. BUT those things are hard to deal with because I see his dad....and it is way too rigid sometimes. BUT he has a softer heart and does care openly about things. I thank his dad everyday for my husband's strength and love though....that is important to me. In those aspects...I know nothing can harm me or our family. I know my husband would in a heartbeat give his life to family. Just like his dad. So his control issues are something I have to deal with and sometimes I ignore it and sometimes when it is important to me..I get my way too. so it works. So in other words...his values and his love and his faithfulness are things I need more than to dispute the things I don't like. We will never get 100 percent of the time what we think we want. In some ways his hardheadedness (or stubborness) is exactly what is needed to get things back on track. He is a pit bull and stays the course. Keeps me on track too.

I personally do not want my daughters marrying anyone like me, I do not want them to suffer the heartache of dealing with a person like myself.
I think my wife married me because of some of my outward outlooks on life, my work ethic, etc., that was similar to her father. She did not realize that I had so many emotional issues to deal with.

Snarky's Wife
Actually, I married both of my parents.

My father was very responsible, had an excellent work ethic and spent a lot of quality time with his kids. My mother was a borderline personality who had a lot of emotional issues.

Imagine both of them fused into one person....you got my husband.

Always Learning
well i have a loving compassionate and helpful dad, and i have those same qualities in my hubby. i do believe in a lot of ways my hubby is like my dad...he was a great father so i feel im lucky. but yes, i do believe lots of women do marry men like their fathers even if they don't realize it. it shows in women who've had absent fathers too, lots of times they're looking to the wrong men...

The Way You Make Me Feel♥
In a lot of cases probably. The guys my cousin dates are all somewhat like her dad. Abusive, rude, obnoxious, selfish, and cold. However I'd like to think some of us are smart enough to stay away from the "dad" types. My boyfriend of almost 2 years is NOTHING like my father and I would marry him in a heart beat. I think you either choose someone who's just like your father or the complete opposite, it's usually not something in between.

Paige Anderson
You aren't destined to; however, it's pretty common. I usually don't notice it until I've been dating someone for awhile. Of course, I've been lucky enough to be attracted to men who exhibit the good things about my father - affectionate, protective, generous, etc. The not so great things - terrible temper - tend to not be in the men I'm attracted to. So maybe we only choose the good things, because they make us feel comfort.

its true if your father is someone you look up to.
of course the person you look up to is someone you want to be with,
so you look for the qualities in a guy like the person you look up to (your father)
But if the father decides to be an alchie and never comes around, or is over controlling, or beats your mom or something really stupid, why would you want someone like that in a guy to date?
so i believe in that statment to a degree.

Courtney M. P.
Unfortunately for a lot of women it is true and there again fortunately for a lot of women it is true. I didn't want to end up with a man like my father so I made a conscious decision to not marry a man like my father. Instead I picked a man that I admired for his virtues and found a man that reminded me of him. While my husband has some traits that could be like my father, he is much more like the man that I admired than my dad. We may be prone to do things because of how we are raised, but we all have the power to make educated choices for our lives. I didn't want to marry a man like my father because I saw the hurt it brought my mother and if I ever have a little girl I definitely didn't want to set her up to continue the circle of abusive relationships.

This is not true at all. In fact, it has much more to do with personility type and temperment than anything else. I have two daughters aged 17 and 19, and the older one has always been open to trying new experiences and doing new things. As such she has enjoyed many of the things that I like to do, and I can see her seeking out someone to marry that has similar traits that I do. That is not because she is seeking someone like her dad, it is because she is seeking someone with common interests as herself. It is natural that part of me rubbed off on her, but I TRUST that she is her own person and will make her own decisions.

My other daughter has never been into the things that I like, and generally has had a hard time understanding me. She does not have my patience and we are butting heads a lot. She probably will not pick a guy similar to me because guys similar to me probably make her crazy.

Yes, I believe it to be true in some cases. I married a man that is just like my dad was when he was alive. His personal attributes are wonderful and we have been married for 17 almost 18 years. I didn't see that I was marrying someone like my dad until later on in our relationship. I unintentionally picked the good qualities my dad had and not the bad qualities. The characteristics he showed were unconditional love, protection for me and our children. But it is funny how he so much reminds me of my dad often. I subconsciously picked the great attributes. It is just like many people say they will not be like their mothers or fathers when they grow up and then they grow up sounding just like them and using some of the same terms.

Sometimes that's especially true in the case of women in violent relationships. Many women who grew up watching abuse of any kind in the home will not recognize that it is not acceptable and will often find themselves in that same type of relationship thinking that it's normal.

There are also women who select mates who are the complete opposites of their fathers.

Women without a father growing up manage to marry well as well as poorly.

It just depends upon the individual.
If you don't like your father's character then when you start a relationship and recognize any of the same qualities in your guy then end it quickly and you won't have to marry someone who is like your father.

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