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I just wanted to hear from ppl who married their affair partners, or if you know of anyone who did that. What was the outcome? I'm curious to know...and I AM IN NO MEANS A MISTRESS, BUT A BETRAYED FORMER WIFE. SO DON'T JUMP ON ME...LOL

spankmaster general
I'm sure some have and things worked out just fine and vice verse!

My wife was living with another guy when we started going out...so I guess she married her affair partner.

I have no experience of this personally but do know a man that has a mistress , and he claims he would never ever marry her , he says he went with her to escape married life .... HES A TOTAL PIG !

S. Lexi Kardashian-Squirrel
I married my affair partner. The outcome was I married him, it's been 6 years and the best decisions we both have made, so far.

I know a few people that married an affair partner. The people I know are not happy and they regret the affair/divorce.

My soon to be exx 18 yr old husband poaching mistress said that they were getting married after i divorce him.. Thats gonna be hilarious... Its gonna be her to deal with all his problems... Too bad shes been informed...

"just hold on"
I have seen people marry their affair partners and go on and have wonderful lives ,while the victim laid around and turned to hard clay and crumbled!

Sheniquah Loves Facebook
i actually have not heard of that or known anyone that it has

in all the relationships i have heard of where that happens
usually that cheat relationship fails and the cheater (if they do end up remarrying) gets hitched to an entirely different person

My sister did but he died after three or four years. She's told me that she thinks he would have divorced her had he lived. My sister took him away from his wife and two teen-age children. Were it not for her I doubt that he would have left his wife even though he was never faithful to his wife. His two best friends were also men who screwed around and I think it would have been just a matter of time before he did as well had he lived. In spite of it he was my favorite brother-in-law. He was 44 when he died of complications from diabetes so being unfaithful was pretty much routine for him for a long time.

Don't jump on you? Sigh...

To answer your Q, yes, I've known 2, both sisters. They've both gone on to get married several more times since. And a cousin who went over seas as a missionary and ended up leaving his wife and marrying one of his Chinese students, not what I'd think of as normal missionary behaviour, but anyway that seems to have worked out great for him and the student but the ex wife has spiralled into alcohol and horrible behaviour. Whether she was awful to begin with and that's why he left her, or whether the whole situation drove her that way I don't know.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
There are many things that can come from affairs. Pain, unplanned pregnancies, divorce, financial stress, trust issues...but marriage is usually not one of them.

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