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Hi my brother bought a car and his partner put it in her name as he cant drive and now they are splitting up.?
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Hi my brother bought a car and his partner put it in her name as he cant drive and now they are splitting up.?

Hi my brother bought a car and his partner put it in her name as he cant drive and now they are splitting up and he wants the car as its worth alot of money but she refusing to sign it over to him. She has never worked in all the years they have been together he has paid for every thing mot insurance even her petrol money does anyone know if its worth him taking things further to get car back? Thanks Sharon

Assuming you're in the UK The Registration Document for any vehicle clearly states that "The Registered Keeper is not necessarily the legal owner". This can be found in section 5 just underneath the green "Registered Keeper" box I suggest he applies to the DVLA for a Registration Document in his name. They will then write to the current registered keeper (i.e. his ex girlfriend) and tell her someone else has applied to be the registered keeper of the vehicle and await her response. If she doesn't reply they will issue a registration document to your brother without further question Can he prove he paid for the car?

If the car is in her name and she's the only one that can drive, it's fair to say the car would be hers. But your brother could take her to the small claims court and try to get his money back. She might try and say the car was a gift from him though, so hopefully he has kept some evidence of all his payments.

chris n
It's your bro's business, not yours. Take her to court maybe

He bought her a great car. Chalk this one up to lessons learned.

Mrs. Washington
Guess he should have heeded the sign... no driver's license, means you aren't allowed to drive... if you are not allowed to drive, you can not get a car in your name... if you buy one anyway and put it in someone elses name, then you get what you deserve... you deceive... you get deceived... in her name? it is her car... unless there is something in writing that says otherwise... or he can prove a verbal agreement... not always easy to do especially if you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing....

Milly Molly Mandy
Sorry, your brother will have to live and learn. Why did he buy a car if he can't drive? Not sure if you are in the UK, but if so it is perfectly legal to buy a car in your own name when you can't drive, you just can't actually drive it.

If the car is in her name, its her car. If she can't afford to pay for it, they will repo it and it will be her credit that gets messed up not his.

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