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Hi my wife is texting a man from work 50 tines a day. She says they are just friends but he has told her he?
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Hi my wife is texting a man from work 50 tines a day. She says they are just friends but he has told her he?

Hi my wife is texting a man from work 50 tines a day. She says they are just friends but he has told her he wants more. What should I do? We have been married for 4 years, but together for 10. We have three children. I love her sooo much! Please help me!

I know this sounds crazy but sometimes-not all the time-it may take some out side influence [another man or woman] to warm up your wife a tad bit just for you and you only. Some women are just wierd and complicated creatures and could be hardwired that way.

Tell her how you feel. Explain to her that while she may not want a relationship with this man, this man does and by continuing to text him especially so often, only encourages him. Ask her how she would feel if you were in her position and you in hers.

I think you should text him from from her phone-tell him you know all about their little emotional affair. People like this are normally cowards-but invite him to meet you and discuss the matter. Nine times out of ten,it will stop.!!

Tell her to stop otherwise the marriage is done.

I think that even though it might be true that they're just friends now, if she's honest they are heading toward something more and she's not stopping it. Clearly she likes this guy, and I think she knows that 50 times a day is excessive for someone who is supposedly just a friend and I think you're right to be very suspicious that there may well be an affair brewing. You should be worried that this man has openly said to her that he wants an affair and it seems obvious that she is considering or acting on this offer. Your marriage is in trouble, but that doesn't mean it's all over. One thing you definitely need to do is try and remain calm and then take a long look at what might have led to this problem. Does your wife have reason to look elsewhere for friendship because you have become a different, less friendly person, less the man she married over time? It happens, couples start to drift, to take each other for granted, to stop showing the interest in the others daily life or sharing in our own. Communication slips to mundane, routines develop that appear to suit and then become a boring rut that gets travelled without change. Has your job become more stressful, with longer hours that has taken over a large portion of your life, or has hers changed? Once you have taken some reflective time to see how and where your problems may have arisen, then you need to take some time to sit down with your wife and talk. It might be best to do so on neutral ground, perhaps take a walk together, some where quiet where you're not overheard and can talk freely. The talk needs to start with you saying that while you trust she's not having an affair, the situation worries you and it's also made you think. Then you can start to talk about where you think the problems are and then ask her what she thinks, is it that this guy pays her attention, listens to her opinions, laughs at her jokes or is just there for her in a way you haven't been for a while? Try to stay calm if what you hear doesn't seem fair, you need to hear what she's been holding back and be prepared that she may well confess to finding him attractive and she may say she's thought of having an affair (or is having one). If you want to keep this marriage, this talk must stay as talk and not about accusations and argument. If you can do that, then you will hopefully have the chance to air the problem and then take it to the point where you discuss how to change the situation, find solutions to the problems. The changes may be hard for both of you and solutions might not be easily found but if you are both working together then you stand more of a chance making it work. You might consider marriage/couples counselling, it works for some. You don't say how long the two of you have been married, or if you have children or mention that you love her and want to stay married so only you know how committed you are to the relationship. If one of the reasons she's looking at someone else is because you have behaved badly and had affairs yourself then this may not be a marriage worth saving and the kinder option is to separate. You are the one with the answers to your problem, the solutions probably rest with both of you.

Tell her it stops now, or else you'll be speaking to a divorce lawyer.

50 times a day? That is absurd

Let her give more you know she want to and you are okay with it other wise you would have stopped her texting. Have fun

break her thumbs.

Tell her to stop. If she doesnt, leave her

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