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How Can I Get My Husbands E-mail Password?
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How Can I Get My Husbands E-mail Password?

Strongly suspect he is being unfaithful and he has changed his Yahoo e-mail password. In the past we've always had one another's passwords but suddenly he doesn't want me to have his. Is it possible for me to get it without his knowledge?

if he is not really talented with computer, you can install a soft that records any password...google is your friend

lizzy tish
go on and click forgot password and have them email it to your address, then you will have it

so cal mama
i dont think so, but just ask him, i think if u were to ever find out anything by snooping through his things will make everything 10xs worse. if u suspect it then ask, if he denys and u still thinks theres something then leave.

Why don't you just stand up to your man and ask him and telll him that you have a feeling that he is not being faithfull. You should know your man by now, if you have been with him long enough. I would just tell him whats on your mind straight up. Just be polite about it. Good Luck!

yes go to best buy and ask for key srtoke and that would record all his key stroke and you and find and pick the password...

Rocky B
In a nutshell, just flat out ask him if he's cheating to clear the air. Follow him if you feel strongly enough about it. Obtaining his password should honestly be the least of your concerns.

Briii .
guess, if you know him good enough you probably think like himm also....

yes there is but you have to be careful about it if you go to forgot password it will give you a secert question that he put on there if you dont know that answer you can click on a link that will resend a new password and you can get it that way Good Luck

YUP ! ITS EASY !!! Type in your husbands email than go to images ! It might show his password there ! If not than talk with close friends who might know his email and password !
If you still can't give up than try doing some hacking !

Gorilla Mike
you will have to install a Keylogger on your system, that loggs all keystrokes into a text file. Then you have to check the file to see what he is typing. I had to use one on my daughter. I have one available, if you want I can email it to you. Just email me, and I can give you the program.

Install some spy software. Just realize, your man is cheating. Be prepared for whatever you will find because you aren't going to like it.

Amber E
Ask him. Maybe he doesn't want you to know it because he ordered something nice for you online. If he finds out you are sneaking to get his password, he may just change his email.

*♥*fabulous fab*♥*
I know this sounds rewally bad but if you know enough info about him.. you could just hit the forgot password button and input all info it asks you for. I helped my friend get her ex-boyfriends password. She suspected the same.. and she was right.

Or you can hire or ask a friend to help you if your friend is a hacker. Or when your husbands on email approach him and ask him to show you his account, if he turns it of when you get near, he being unfaithful.

Uncle Tim
Here's the thing, if you get his password and he finds out and he is not being unfaithful he will resent you. Weigh your decision carefully before you do this. I hope you are wrong and he is not cheating, if he is. I am sorry.

get a key tracker

you can purchase a keylogger. it will log every key log made including passwords.good luck

nice to see your not paranoid or anything.

~Loving Life!!~
hi. i feel the same way with u. my boyfriend and i are takin a break but i think he was bein unfaithful so i checked his thing and some girl called him boo. but he changed his password. I wish i knew it too.hopefully someone will come up with reasonable answers. good luck

mickey e
i don't believe so other than trying to guess what it is.

just me being me
yes, go to forget password and I think you need your zip code and date of birth.

uhhhhh..... ask him.

No, I don't think you can with out the knowledge of how to set up a keylogger. But if you are that suspicious you could always hire a detective

Watch the movie The Breakup and that will tell you how to do this.

not that i know of

you could try to reset it.....do the lost password thingy and see what you get

anything's possible. but is this really the route you want to go down? if you don't trust him anymore, it's time to confront him and/or move on, not regress to high-school antics.

hey it may your Name!!!

Probably not.

Maybe you should ask him if he's being unfaithful.

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