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How can I get my ex-husband to pay my maintenance payments?
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How can I get my ex-husband to pay my maintenance payments?

I was awarded £2100/month maintenance by the court in Ancillary Relief. My husband later quite his good paying job, and took a small teaching job in Far East. Our children are all grown-up and on their own, so that is not an issue. He has kept part ownership in a flat in the UK, has a small pension in UK, but otherwise moved all his money to Far East. I do not want to pay a big solicitor bill to find out I can't do anything. Is there anything I could do? Has anyone been in this situation before?

If you are in good health then why not get a job and pay for yourself! Your ex's duty is to your chilldren. as long as he's looked after them what's the problem? You are the reason why many successful men refuse to marry! What gives you the right to bleed him dry! You said yourself he has a small pension. Why don't you get a job at B&Q and stop trying to sponge of someone else hard work!!

If he won't pay and is willing to live some where c**p just to avoid paying you out then he is very bitter! You may be able to claim from his pension Try the small claims court! Most towns have a free solicitor service paid for by donationsfrom various sources. Try to get access to this help altho they aren't very helpful! The citizens advice bureau should be able to help! You can claim for part of the money he owes you to a max of £5,000 in scc. Do it yourself and see how the judge rules but make sure that you do not lose out on the rest of what he owes you! You must state on the court papers that you are only sueing him for part of the money. Don't give up the right to sue for the rest. He may return to GB!!!!

not a mused
hiaoilondon agood veteran solicito r should help you there afterall the pension and the apartment are assest to offset what he owes you might qualify for legal aid to somr degree as you were awarded by a legal court cheers

To give an answer to this question would depend on where you are in the world and your age...if you are young enough to get a job then why not be independent...most of us women with grown up kids have to do that so why not you? Infact most women work anyway with or without kids.....Seems your ex has closed the door on you, plus if he hasnt got the income anymore, you wont get blood from a stone......

worry less about trying to get money out of him and as others have said get a job and be self reliante it just makes you look worse then he does

I'm not sure but my ex husband has never paid a penny for his four children. He works full time and I can't afford to go to work - the childcare charges would be £24 per hour - so if you find out please let me know! After 5 1/2 years the CSA haven't done a thing and I don't even know how much I would be entitled to. I hope that someone on here has some good advice for you and wish you all the best.

That is the way that ex-husbands get out of paying by going abroad, you say your children are grown up now and left home, so perhaps you can get a job and provide for yourself.

get a job, most people don't get that much who work.

Dark Horse
It's people like you who make me ashamed to be a woman. Get off your butt and get a job, quit expecting your ex to keep you. Have you no self-respect?

He needs to live up to it or you can go to court to get your due.. its not about the kids...its about the agreement.. can you tell him you will tell his Mother??

if he has moved abroad, there is nothing that u can do about it i'm afraid..

She She
Oh for goodness sakes.............Go get you a job and earn your own way through life..........Quite mooching it is not attractive!

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