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How can a man tell you he, loves you, than walk away ?
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How can a man tell you he, loves you, than walk away ?

Ive been in this relationship for a yr now, its been really great, hes here with me every nite, and all day sometimes, I have children who adore him, even a three month old grandbaby who really liked him, and he loved them like his, and it seems after the last couple months he had changed, he stopped paying attention to me,i felt like he was seeing some one else, than we had this huge argument and I broke up with him, now he wont answer my calls, last conversation he told me to stop calling him, im hurt so bad, how could he not be hurting if he was in love with me like he said

Look as you probably have heard that Love is blind.
Some times we may push the very one we love away with our own actions and yes it really hurts but love comes and goes, and if he is gone don't worry the special one will come sooner than you may think, if he was really in love with you or if he really love you for who you are not for what you look like or acct like he’ll be back remember that if you really love some one you have to give them space and time to re think getting married is a big responsibility getting divorce is even greater.
Don’t worry you survived the first one you will survive this one too. Be Happy enjoy your children and grand children.

Katie Stewart
because he doesnt really love you

Kari May
I would do the same thing,

Poopsie Mellish
Take both your hands and flip the birdie fingers at him and say fu*K you and walk away!

If you broke up with him, then it's not really walking away. Maybe after some time, he will reconsider.

Perhaps he is not that into you. Next time, do not be so quick to break up if you are not ready for things to be over. Lesson learned now move on.

Ur the one who broke up with him. How do u expect him to act ??? That is exactly whAt u deserve because if u wasnt ready for it to be over u should have never said it to him ... He is not allowing u to play any emotional games with him and i dont blame him ... More women should act like he is !

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