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How can i forgive my husband for insulting me?
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How can i forgive my husband for insulting me?

we had miss understanding about how he was withdrawing money from our accounts and he insulted me in the face.

doctor know
Its always one spouse is abusive ,my wife insults me all the time in front of the kids she dont work,no house work,laundryand just eats frozen food from the microwave.If any house work gets done i do it,as well as my laundry,cooking and bring home thje bacon i'm sick of her but with her not working i'd have to pay child support and alimony and i dont want to be without the kids...So i do the next best thing i just suffer. There are a lot of spouses out there that are abusive and abused also..Now she has gotten to the point of not letting me take the kids to church..Maybe God will intervine i dont want her to have any bad luck but i would sure like to have some relief.My neighbors have told me they dont see how i do it with her smoking one cigarett after another.the frig was clean 2yrs ago when i clean it ,same with the pantry and they havent been touched since i just dont have time unles i can get some vacation.When i get a day off i keep it to myself because she will start a fight if i'm not working. Well thats all i can say ////////I try to entertain myself with this computer doning research and reading..Well thats enough but what i've told you is the truth .. Have a good day God bless... dont know the answer to your question ,just go to him camly during a peace ful conservation and tell him that you have something you want to speak to him about make sure and does he have a moment where you could.. Just say "event and then tell him how you feel about and say i'll forgive you but i'm not sure if i can continue this kind of life or even if you want to ..good lucki

Your question suggests that you love your husband. You know differences of opinions, misunderstanding and occaisonal quarrells are integral part of any healthy conjugal life. Any spouse should be accustomed to all these for leading a lasting and fruitful married life. Thank God! He had only misunderstood you about money not about you chastity! Do I sound like a male chauvinist? No way! I talk from experience.
You know some husbands think themselves to be demigods and assume the role of the bread earner for the family and show a bit of high handedness while dealing with household, particularly financial matters.
He has insulted you over withdrawal of money from your joint account. You know you're innocent and he has simply forgot about the withsrawal in question. In a rage, rather feat of emotion he insulted you. Its because it hurt his ego that you pointed out his mistake and he had no other way but to be rude with you to save his face.
Don't tell him about his mistake now. Because he has all his bloods in his head now. He won't simply listen to you and may create more pandemonium.
I'd tell you to wait until he cools of. It may take a week or more. Then when you find him in some lucid mood just give him a hint to recall the past transaction with Bank. He'll recognise his guilt and apologize to you for his rudeness.
Be careful henceforth to preserve all withdrawal slips and Cheque counterfoils, Debit Card slips and often ask him if he needs to withdraw money. This way the matter will be more transperent and you'll be on the safe side.
Lastly, keep it in mind; this is the man you loved more than anything else and told YES when he proposed you. Both of you vowed at the Alter to remain united till death does you part. Perform your part of the vow and for sure he'll do his.
Best of luck.

Ms. Balls
how would you like to be treated if the table was turned?

What would the Master do?

Sometimes, freely giving generosity of spirit is the hardest thing to do. Our character defects, like pride, prevent us from living towards our happiest potential.

Jeff W
Get separate accounts and tell him never to insult you again, or you'll leave him.

There just isn't enough information in this question - why was he withdrawing money from your accounts? Do you trust him with money? How did he insult you? Did he call you names or did he threaten or hit you? If he hit you there is no going back - it's unforgivable. But if it's simply a question of you not trusting him over money, then the other person is right and you need separate accounts.

tony g
Your accounts are mutual, and should have both parties involved with the use of the money. If he insulted you, then he has no respect for you. i think from the sound of your letter that this happend a few times. If there is no respect then there is no relationship. Also, check your accounts and see what the money was used for. Remember, insults can lead to assults.

I think you should talk togeather and if it happens again you should talk about a divorce.

If it's happened because your false, so what's the problem? Why do you feel insulted? You should be ashamed for behaving like that. Go to your husband and take his forgiveness then promise to don't behave like that ever.

forgiving is much Honorable and better than revenge. so, try to make him realize in good mood at any other suitable time that he has shocked my confidence.

Insulted- get over it!
Assaulted- get out of it!

Life is too short to be unhappy.

Roll'n Bluntz
The majority of divorces in this country are over money. He's your husband and you should forgive him. He should also know that he hurt you. Talk it out.


Take him aside and use an I-Statement such as I was very hurt when you said ( fill in here) becuase I don't think you meant it and the whole thing was a misunderstanding

forgive but don't forget, let him know how much he hurt you

well insult him back are u stupid or something ? if i were your husband i would make love to you every day and let you know that i care about you! as forgiving him let me put it this way if you dont you might reget it later in life.

ŚţΰāŔţ ● Ŧ
If you actually love each other, telling him it hurt your feeling is a start. Maybe he will fell sorry for doing that..

he doesn't need to insult you. tell him you apologize for the misunderstanding but it didn't need to turn into insults over a simple mistake.

a word of advice that i got from my father in law before i married his daughter...never fight about money.

insulted you...or assaulted you? insults are easily forgiven anything physical ...get rid of him!

This does not sounds like such a bad unforgivable thing. You sure your not over reacting? An insult is not so bad, but if you feel you must do something....get him arrested for verbal abuse and divorce him. That will show him to to insult you.

insulted you in the face? so he like what just insulted or assulted. the way you worded the last couple words made me confused. if its insulted, you can appologize for getting int he argument and make up some way or jsut blatently say im sorry about earlier. it seems to wrok with my parents and other freinds of mine

jane c
take all the money out of the account that will make you feel better!!!

I'm confused?.Should'nt he be apaligising to u?

Get a separate account.

You go to him and say that you were sorry for the misunderstanding, but he should never say things like what he said to you.

You may get an apology from him that way

on the wagon
kick him in the nuts

Well, yes let it go. In the whole scheme of life will it matter tomorrow? Next week? Kiss and make up and go have an ice cream and take a walk together!

nancy e
Did he physically hit you or just hurt your feelings?

Miss understanding ?

Must have been a big one.

Did you do the dirty?

Forgiving him by blessing him with compassionate thoughts.

say i am sorry if you feel that way but i still love you

Then get a job so this won't happen again.

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