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How can i make my husband go with me to family events?
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How can i make my husband go with me to family events?

My husband do not (and i mean don;t want to no matter what) want to go with me to any of my family dinner or party or anything relating to that. It's been three year since we got married and he never went with me to any events. I am so tired of going alone. And if i don;t go my family feel bad. And i feel bad that my husband don;t want to go with me. I mean compromise. Anyways what should i do? The thing is i feel very bad when everybody keeps on asking me where is my husband. How come he didn;t come. And no he never did this before marriage. But then again we never went to family events. Now i always go with him to his family events and he doesn;t want to for mine. None of my family didn;t do anything to him. He never said they do. I keep asking him though.

Kat G
What is the reason he won't go? That's where you need to start. Is it that he dislikes your family, not into family parties including his family, feels uncomfortable? Unless you find out what the real story is there is no solution. You can not force or make him go as if you do it will be a miserable time for all. Have a talk with the guy and tell him you feel bad and it's uncomfortable that you go to these events alone.

Well he has been doing this you got married.......didnt you know this is how he was? Maybe he has social anxiety. My husband hates to go to famliy things too but he usually goes with me to most things....to save a fight. Sounds like you have to go at it alone.

Has your husband given you a reason that he does not want to go to your family events? That would be my first question. My second question to you would be did you knwo that this was the way he was before you met and married him? Has he always avoided family situations? If yes, then you knew this about him and it is unfair for you to expect him to change just because it is now making you uncomfortable. My opinion would be that if this has always been the way it was and you accepted him this way then go to your family events enjoy your family, bring him back a plate of food and all of the good wishes that your family should be sending to him, tell him you missed him and are glad to be back home in his arms. No guilt trips, no whining. If this is a new situation then you need to sit down and calmly and lovingly ask him if there is something bothering him and could you please help. If someone in your family has hurt him in some way he needs to know that you are on his side and will defend him to the ends of the earth.

well, if the rest of your family communicates as well as you do I don't blame him for not wanting to go. probably something happened with your family a long tme ago and he doesn't want to go back to revisit that moment in his life again. tell him to give me a call when you are gone. we will watch the game and have a few beers.

You should tell him that if he goes, you will buy him something nice, but that he has to behave when he's there to get it...

Continue to go and if asked why your husband isn't there, tell people that's something that they need to ask him. Let him explain to them why he won't attend.

You can't make him do anything. Tell him how it makes you feel. Your family is a part of you, and partly responsible for making you who you are. If he loves you, then he should WANT to get to know your family. Explain to him that it makes you feel unloved that he does not want to know the other people in your life who are important to you.

Has there been some kind of family argument? My hubby won't either and its because they talk down to him and they are just all jelouse i married the right guy. hehe

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