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How do I find out if my soon to be ex husband sold our truck & isn't telling me? I'm supposed to get half?
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How do I find out if my soon to be ex husband sold our truck & isn't telling me? I'm supposed to get half?

My soon to be ex husband is selling our truck & has agreed to give me half of what he collets from the sale. However, I believe he may have already sold the vehicle & isn't telling me. I have gone to several "FREE" VIN history report websites of which none of them are even close to "FREE". How can I check this?

Just take it to your lawyer, he'll handle it

Old Kid
If he sold it during the divorce proceedings he may still have to pay you half. I think these kinds of assets that were sold just prior to a divorce are still considered in the divorce settlement. If you name is on the title, he can't sell it without you signing it or him forging it...

don't hold your breath.......when a relationship turns into an "ex" situation things get very ugly and each is out for themselves. You wont be able to "make" him do anything, believe me. Dont waste your time or energy trying to obtain your half.....not worth it.

If you don't have a legal separation agreement or a signed divorce agreement there isn't much you can do anyway. Verbal agreements won't stand, and he can probably get by with selling it and keeping the proceeds as long as his name is the only one on the title and you're still legally married. If you are listed on the title and he's sold it without your consent, then you could possibly press charges. Talk to your attorney if this has been done. Until the new owner (if there is one) goes to the state DMV and registers the vehicle under their name, nothing will show up on a search. Give it a couple of weeks from the presumed date of sale and call the DMV to see if it's been registered under a new name.

If it isn't in the driveway it isn't there. He may hide it in the guise with a friend. I agree with the first answer to check DMV. Are you sure you want to take it away? If he depends on it for work and you depend on him paying bills while you sit on your rear, you should let it go! I am a woman and work for a law firm and seen many greedy women sell the ex hubby's work tools and vehicles out of revenge. Grow up and think about what you are doing!

Lisa G
The DMV has a website where you can enter the vin number. It will bring up the owners name. Best wishes

Go to your local DMV they may be able to help you.

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