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How do I get my husband to stop snoring!?!?
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How do I get my husband to stop snoring!?!?

I don't understand why he has been snoring lately. The past few weeks have been ridiculous. He is so loud it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I cant get back to sleep. I have to shake him really hard and yell his name to wake him up to get him to turn over and then 20 minutes later (just as I'm finally falling back to sleep) he starts snoring again... What can we do to fix this? Its driving me batty. Soon we're going to have to have separate bedrooms if this keeps up!

Alex W
Snoring can be caused by so many things, but there are plenty of easy home remedies for snoring too, start by asking him to sleep in his side or his stomach

My hubby same thing. I noticed he snores more when he is super tired and breathe right strips seem to work. I sent him to the doctor and he was told to lose shed a few pounds. Since then minimal snoring. Try vacuuming your mattress and ditch the old pillows and blankets. Hope that helps!

Isn't love grand? U would miss him if he wasn't there with his snoring... wake him up and ask him too drink water...once he gets up try to sleep affter him...

snore nasal strips.....you can get them at the drugstore

doctor don't let him sleep on his back have him lose some weight. buy ear plugs have him buy those devices for people who snore. yep separate rooms

Get him into a sleep study. This could a sign of sleep apnea which can be very dangerous. It can cause memory loss, narcolepsy, weight gain, heart attack or stroke. This is no laughing matter, take it seriously and make sure he takes it seriously. Go here for every snoring consideration: http://www.aaoms.org/sleep_apnea.php

Return To Eartha
get a new husband. really...this problem gets worse as they age.

Scuzzy Wuzzy
The obvious answer is to smoother him with the pillow.

Kick him a few times to get him to reposition. If that does not work you might need to proceed to spraying water on his face. But he sounds like a very heavy sleeper if you're yelling and shaking him so you're probably going to have to smack him in the face as hard as you can to wake him up and make him move to the couch.

Joshua C
have him talk to a doctor.

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