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How do I heal emotionally from a cheating (ex) spouse?
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How do I heal emotionally from a cheating (ex) spouse?

My ex husband cheated on me with a lot of women. How do I trust (anyone) again?

It just takes time. I got remarried two years after and my husband is very loving and commited but I still can't open up completely for fear of being hurt. Good luck

If you allow what your ex did to continue to ruin your life he will always control you. You need to forgive him for what he did in order to move on because he is not loosing anything from it whether you do or not, you are. After you do that remind yourself that you are not like every other woman in the world so all men are not the same. Let the signs you received from that looser you were with help you to pre-screen men but not keep you from them.

The first step is to become yourself again. Forget about relationships, husbands, or ex's. Go out and have a good time as a single person. Hang out with friends, go shopping, get your hair done, maybe even take a vacation. There are many benifits to being single, and freedom is a big one.

You need time away from relationships to allow this wound to heal. I wouldn't run out and start dating right away. With enough time, you will not remember as much of your previous relationship. Once that happens, then you can start to date again, but not until then.

You will never forget what your ex did to you, but you have to make a conserted effort not to bring your previous relationship up during your new ones. There is nothing a new boyfriend/girlfriend hates more then constantly hearing about an ex, be it good or bad.

With enough time in a new relationship, you will be able to trust that person. Remember no matter what, that you have to be your own person. Do your own things, with your own friends. Keep him guessing a bit as to what you are up to. A little jealousy never hurt anyone. Don't be the one sitting at home wondering where your boyfriend is, or what he's doing. Make him be the one to wonder. If you keep him on his toes, and keep him curious, he'll never even think of straying he'll be to busy doing everything in his power to keep you happy.

Granted we all wish for the purfect romance, but the bottom line is that its all a game to a certain extent. If you don't keep playing, then you end up the loser. Keep your boyfriends/husbands on their toes, learn to trust them, and enjoy life. Never get to comfortable, and never let your guard down, that's when things like that happen.

Its to short to get caught up in what one persons mistakes have done to you. Get out there and live your life!! He certainly has been living his.

There should have been signs even before you married him that he would not be faithful, but you ignored them. Men are not angels, they are almost like kids. Once you are linient with them they take the advantage. Be tight and they behave. You should have given it to him more often and don't say things like "I am not in my mood"; then you should learn that first lesson. The second one is give a relationship time and be open, honest and broad minded. Tell him if you are going to cheat, please wear a condom and don't think I will be waiting for you - give them ultimatums, then that will make them think twice and we will have better men in this world. Trust me it will make you strong and earn your points as a confident person who believes in principles. Time is the best healer. Put yourself first, make yourself happy and think of him as the loser.

you won't forgive him an thats ok, but you can't blame everyone for his mistakes

Get back into the game asap.

Not all men are cheaters. Your ex-husband cheated on you does not mean that other men will, so go and enlarge your social circle, give yourself time to meet and understand others, don't ever loose hope! Best of luck!

Give it time for you to come to terms with it. When you feel you are ready to date, try to keep an open mind as well as an open heart, not all men are the same.

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