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How do I make a guy moan loud in bed?
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How do I make a guy moan loud in bed?

I want to do that so bad.

They would kick me off here for telling you what my spouse did for me. I was in a body cast from a crushed spine and couldn't really move to much. I have quite a bit and had a hard time getting it up. She used her tongue the whole way.

There is a "sensitive" spot right below the head of his *wang* hit that spot and he wont know what hit him :)

Doc Phil
sit on his legs face up. the just as hard as you can smash your fist into his nut's

Not ossible men dont moan. The only suggestion is hit him in the balls!

I'm a Beast
kegels while u are on top of him - it makes me go crazy!

Pritty Ash
u cant make a girl moan at bed bt yes i dont understand how to say ok by teasing her and touchin her very sensetive body part like my bf holds my waist and pulls me closer to him and catchs it very tightly that makes me moan all the best!!

Play with the tip

Ask him what he likes. Do that. It should work. Peace.

Well without going into detail here a great round of oral conversation works. For more details just email me.

RIM JOB. It will do the trick each and every time.

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