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How easy it is to get divorced after 3 years separation?
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How easy it is to get divorced after 3 years separation?

Got married in states to an american man im english back here now

ulster scooby
you would be better buying her some fishnets a short skirt a low cut blouse and a 1 way ticket to ipswich

best to seek free legal advice. contact nearest citizens advice bureau and they will find out all the information that you need. good luck

Pretty easy for him--to sue you on grounds of abandonment. Depends on the state in which you were married, but usually 6 to 12 months' separation is all that's needed to file.

I did my own divorce recently, in fact I got my court papers in the post yesterday confirming it is all over. If you have no kids, money or property together it is really easy. Go to your local court and ask them for the papers to start off the procedure, if you read the instructions carefully you will have no problems at all. It took me 6 months and cost me about £400 altogether. Or you could use the company Quickie Divorce (type that into google) and they can do everything for you, for about £70 extra.

Judy J
If you are asking if divorces are easy I would say no. However, if there is absolutly no communication between the two of you and you know it is over, I would simply file for divorce. It may require you to do some research (hehe i am a bit too lazy to look up things online) on how to obtain the paperwork but it would not be too incredibly difficult

It is not expensive.

it depends on the laws in your country!

no bush 02
should be no bother good luck

As long as you don't have kids or property together it shouldn't cost allot and it shouldn't be to hard to get it!!!! May be different with you living in a different country!! Good Luck!!

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