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How long before he stops calling me ?
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How long before he stops calling me ?

My ex just phones me to upset me ~ what other reason is there ~ everything is sorted out ? Thanks for all help and opinions ~ have a nice day/night :) He is not using a mobile phone ~ he is using a satellite phone and I don't have call screening on my phone ~ so I never know who it is :) Yes he is Shoba but I won't allow that ~ he knows that nagging at me will make me relent ~ but I just can't this time, I know what will happen :(

Relationships seems to leave a lot of unresolved issues and I think we want to keep making our point..... and ultimately convince the other person that we were right. But if it can't work, it's best to stop all contact.

Drop short and duck
Just play music back to him and walk off and do something else.

tell him to arrange for his stuff to be picked up then tell him he is breaching the order and he calls again you will report it

I think your ex wants to be a human.

I am sorry i know how upsetting that can be, debbie....change you number deb or divert his calls or block him... may be he is trying for a come back... i think changing your number would be best.i will pray for you.

Try getting an alternate number....!!

Truth Sets You Free
block his number..take control of whether or not you need to speak to him..

Kiely M
Change your number girl. Dont let him call you. Maybe hes hoping to weasel his way back in and fix things.

He still wants to be involved with you in some sort of way. If he must argue with you, then at least he's still interacting with you. That's probably what's going on subconsciously. Some bonds just can't be erased.

Deonna P
He'll stop calling you when you make him stop. Don't answer the phone. Don't respond to any voicemails. Totally ignore him. He'll stop.

If you did the leaving, then he is trying to even the score somehow. He feels hurt and wants to hurt you back. It's childish and he is having difficulty coming to terms with losing you. He can't move on just yet. When my ex did this to me, I used to be upset at first. Then, I just told him each time he called, "you're funny, this phone call's the best laugh I've had all day, thanks". He stopped calling soon after. Good luck.

rebel without a cause
As soon as you get an Ex-Parte on him or a big boyfriend that physically tell's him to stop or his limbs will fail him. Good luck. Its a control thing.

um tell ur ex to quit calling you or your going to press harassment charges.

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